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The Seeker’s quest never ends, yet outcome is always the same

Everyone has a nagging feeling that they are not who they should be, where they should be and who they should be with. That they have not done enough or the right stuff. That there is something else they need … Continue reading

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New challenge. A year to live #happiness

This week I’ve launched a newsletter for the mental health/ online therapy social enterprise I work for (you can subscribe here), planned a staycation for next week (if I can’t travel, I will eat out), started therapy, yes, finally, got … Continue reading

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New mantra. No thoughts.

I have recently tried this new technique. It helps to manage anxiety, over thinking (rumination), excessive worrying and instantly returns you to the present. All you do is stop thinking.

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Why do you want to help?

At some point some of us come to the realisation that they really want to help others (there are others who just do it, but it’s a different story). The aspiration is urgent. We start out small, by donating to … Continue reading

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Just another dust cycle

I think about the melodrama of my life, the so called problems that seem so solid, real and long-lasting, and words that someone told me ring in my mind: “We will all be dust at the end of it.” It … Continue reading

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Learning to love my anger/ rage as a practice

Burning Desire, Mariko Mori  Anger appears as a faint buzz in the back of my brain, a mild irritation, a barely noticeable ticking noise growing louder. A high pitched detonator inside my brain. Me, me, me. Hate, hate, hate. Instead … Continue reading

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Rumination, or obsessive thinking, and what to do when it becomes too much

Many of us believe that we are our thoughts, or rather many of us don’t stop to think whether what our minds are telling us in the form of thoughts is true or not, because the belief that thoughts are … Continue reading

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Burn baby burn. What can we do with ourselves in times of coronavirus.

Who is up to what these days? I volunteer with the Hear Me App where I talk to folks from all over the world who need someone to talk to. And everyone is struggling, myself included. I’ve spent the first … Continue reading

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What if not knowing what next is an achievement?

I’ve been mini-retired for 6 months. Retirement is a great way to practice emptiness. Six months of non-doing and facing uncertainty is when I usually hit the psychological threshold and the monkey brain spirals into anxiety. You know the script … Continue reading

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Do you feel lonely tonight? #happiness #quora

I write about happiness and meaning here but also on Quora. I wanted to re-post my answer below (source). When you feel the familiar chill breeze of the void opening within you, the deafening vibration of the growing vacuum, the … Continue reading

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