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My Quarantine Diary #coronavirus

I am reposting this post with the recent entries. The plan is to publish all of the entries from day 0 here and once the lockdown is over, hopefully, to reflect on the main themes. I’ve been writing a quarantine … Continue reading

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Burn baby burn. What can we do with ourselves in times of coronavirus.

Who is up to what these days? I volunteer with the Hear Me App where I talk to folks from all over the world who need someone to talk to. And everyone is struggling, myself included. I’ve spent the first … Continue reading

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What if not knowing what next is an achievement?

I’ve been mini-retired for 6 months. Retirement is a great way to practice emptiness. Six months of non-doing and facing uncertainty is when I usually hit the psychological threshold and the monkey brain spirals into anxiety. You know the script … Continue reading

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⭐️ Free copy of the love addiction e-book for you, my readers 📚

Hey guys, I’ve recently written an e-book on love addiction summarising everything I’ve learned about meaning, self-love, self-help, emptiness, soul work, joy and plant medicines. I would like to offer you, my amazing readers, a free copy of the book. … Continue reading

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Do you feel lonely tonight? #happiness #quora

I write about happiness and meaning here but also on Quora. I wanted to re-post my answer below (source). When you feel the familiar chill breeze of the void opening within you, the deafening vibration of the growing vacuum, the … Continue reading

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Emptiness practice – spending time with family during holidays

Remember this post? This year I am blessed with family staying over the holidays – paraphrasing Ram Dass, I will uncover my “secret stash” and “burn in the fire, cooking my seeds” 🙂 Normally I would lose my shit at … Continue reading

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Emptiness practice – stuff

Inspired by Ram Dass’s story of burning his possessions, his “stash”, and hopefully an impending house move (nomads never stop! 😊), I decided to go through the “memory boxes” where I store sentimental stuff – photos, travel souvenirs, small gifts … Continue reading

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