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Universe has an impeccable sense of humour

Since my “hero dose” 6g plant medicine ceremony in the Netherlands in 2018, I dabbled into smaller doses solo and took part in another group ceremony last month, on Lion’s Gate portal opening 8/8. This was a ceremony led by … Continue reading

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Nomad of the Universe

I don’t know what it means That I, it exists before the thought, Before the breath, 3D spliced between zeptoseconds, Between pulsating fractal heartbeats. As someone who has felt spacetime(has been spacetime?),Time does not exist. Mushroom tears. Somehow I remember … Continue reading

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(Psychedelic) art therapy. What the Universe is made of.

At some point during my first psilocybin trip, I’ve looked at a couple in front of me sat under the blanket, quietly coming down from their trip. Reality underneath and around them was transparent, shimerring with molecular grid connections, blue … Continue reading

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A fractal of infinite consciousness

This was my biggest takeaway from my recent plant medicine ceremony. Fractal indeed. Check the source link above for more cool psychonaut/ spiritual memes like the one above.

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“Fantastic Fungi”: a documentary about mushrooms 🍄

Paul Stamets, the biggest world’s mushroom enthusiast 😊 fascinates me. His passion for mushrooms and fungi is awe inspiring. He already has a Ted talk that has been viewed more than 6 million times and now there is a documentary … Continue reading

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My book on love addiction is now out on Amazon!

It’s a truth universally acknowledged, that a writer in possession of a blog, must be in want of publishing a book 🙂 I went the self publishing route and did it. My guide to healing love addiction is now available … Continue reading

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A year later: what psilocybin taught me

Source: The UK Psychedelic Society. On September 28th it was a year after the psilocybin ceremony. I celebrated by rewatching The Mind Explorers, buying an LED mushroom lamp from Ikea 🙂  and thinking about what continue learning a year on … Continue reading

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Let Go, Let In, Let Be

Ciara Sherlock read this poem that she wrote during the ritual we did at the retreat. The last line sounds like a mantra. Nomads of consciousness – enjoy. You are here, now, Nothing to achieve, nowhere to go, The tie … Continue reading

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Among Strong Men – a poem by Hafiz

I have learnt so much at and still continue to learn from the retreat. This was one of the poems and quotes that the guides have put on the wall in the hall. Hafiz is a poet from Persia from … Continue reading

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The Mind Explorers: A Psychedelic Weekend #documentary #psilocybin

And here it is – the culmination of my ‘magic mushroom’ retreat with the UK Psychedelic Society in September. The film made by Rebecca Coxon. In most of my appearances I am weeping and in one manage to sob while … Continue reading

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