My book on love addiction is now out on Amazon!

It’s a truth universally acknowledged, that a writer in possession of a blog, must be in want of publishing a book 🙂 I went the self publishing route and did it. My mini guide to healing love addiction is now available on Amazon.

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“You were made for the wild…”

My wonderful marketing colleague Tene is also a talented poet. Some of her poems made it onto cards. The one above struck a chord. I’ve been recently working on “rewilding” myself, returning to some of my roots… You can see more of her poetry and buy more cards like this here.

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Singing kirtan – devotion to one’s guru – Mere Gurudev by Krishna Das


Mere Gurudev, charanon par sumana shraddha ke arpita hai
Tere hee dena hai jo hai. Wahi tujha ko samarapita hai

Na priti hai pratiti hai, na hi puja ki shakti hai
Meraa yaha man, meraa yaha tan, meraa kan kan samarapita hai

Tuma hee ho bhaava men mere, vicharon mein, pukaron mein.
Banaale yantra ab mujhko mere saravatra samarapita hai


My Gurudev I offer these flowers of my faith at your feet
Whatever I have, you have given to me, and I dedicate it all to you

I have no love, nor do I know you.
I don’t even have the strength to worship you,
But this mind of mine, this body of mine,
my every atom is dedicated to you.

You are the only one in my heart and my thoughts.
You are the one who I call out to.
Now Make me your instrument…all I am I offer to you.

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Choose your #mentalhealth

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A to be list #happiness

On my To Be List are: Joy, Peace/ Calm, Love, Purpose, No anger, No thoughts, No self, No craving. The latter 4 can be replaced with one word – Empty.

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A quote by Jorge Luis Borges

I had this quote for years, in Russian, and recently decided to verify and find it in English. I traced it to and bought The Mirror Ink by Jorge Luis Borges. And guess what, the quote is not his, he is quoting also 😊 Here it is in English, finally:

“Glory to Him Who does not die, and Who holds within His hand the two keys, of infinite Pardon and infinite Punishment.”

Richard Francis Burton
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You are an unconventional person

The best bit about working in a place which offers online therapy is that we, as employees, can get therapy for free as a benefit. So I am now officially in therapy and, oh man, why have I not done it before. We go to hygienists to keep our teeth clean. Why don’t we (excl. US where therapy is normalised) do the same for our brains?

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Let me know that you are always present… #quote

“Let me know that you are always present,

in every atom of my life.

Let me keep surrendering my self

until I am utterly transparent.

Let my words be rooted in honesty

and my thoughts be lost in your light,

Unnamable God, my essence,

my origin, my life-blood, my home.”

— Psalm 19, from A Book of Psalms, Selected & Adapted from the Hebrew by Stephen Mitchell

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Soul and Ego

…the Soul depends on the Ego’s drama for its teachings. Honor your Ego as the conduit of learning for the Soul.

Ram Dass, Still Here
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Remain still and listen. 

Things and people come. I listen. I do what needs to be done. 

The dramas and the traumas come. I listen. I bring myself back to breath. 

Love your breath, says Ram Dass. 

I listen some more. Then I do nothing. 

I stopped being impatient with myself. 

“To understand nothing takes time”. 

Serenity and love are my priority. 

Keeping my heart open is work in progress. 

Step back from the process – it keeps unfolding, it does itself.  

It does not need me. I play no role. I change nothing. 

Be still, be no one, want no thing, go nowhere. 

Then wait some more. Become silence. Become breath.

Stop thinking and hear the lenses changing. Click. Click. Click.

Nothing has changed, yet everything is different.

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Burn all negativity away #happiness

Yesterday I went to a local parade as part of the art festival where we marched through town wearing all black making noise with pots, pans, music instruments, and then burned all of our negativity and bad stuff of the past two years in a massive fire. It felt cathartic. Here is a video of “fireflies” from the big fire for you to do the same. Mentally throw all bad stuff that happened to you lately into it. Burn all negativity away. Here is to more good than bad, to more light than darkness.

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