Baz Luhrmann — Everybody’s Free To Wear Sunscreen #happiness

Amen to this! Floss indeed. Origin story here.

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I need some Cary Fukunaga in my life

I want to have some Cary Fukunaga on this blog. Look at this guy. Half Swedish, half Japanese, American. Movie director. Sounds smart in his interviews. Appears as goofy but with a dark tinge. Sweeping girls hearts at the moment 🙂  His Jane Eyre is deliciously dark. His Maniac is amazing. I need to check out True Detective and I will even watch James Bond, wtf not! Cary Fukunaga is another Asian to make it (yes!) and he makes my beauty appreciation chakra tingle 🙂  You go, man!


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My updated About page #happiness

Have you seen my new About page? I have finally updated it. Click here or read below: Hiya! Let me know what you think!

Hi, I am Lola, I write about happiness and thriving. 

I got into self improvement when I picked Viktor Frankl’s book ‘Man’s search for meaning’. This was almost 20 years ago. Since then I’ve read lots of books on happiness and thriving. I’ve studied philosophy, positive psychology, Tibetan Buddhism, meditation and blogged about ways to become happier. I also write on Quora mostly on Happiness and Loneliness. 

Can one say that self improvement is their hobby? 🙂  This is the case with me. I am an HSP, introvert (INFJ), a spiritual explorer, working my way up the consciousness ladder.

My mission in life is twofold – to find myself because ’the universe cannot be completely itself until you become completely yourself’ (Loner Wolf). As Ram Dass puts it, ‘work on yourself to become a higher rate of vibration. The only option is to work on yourself’. And – ‘to assist all sentient beings in their awakening and enlightenment’ (NY Times). Specifically, I work to reduce loneliness and increase happiness in living beings around me. 

What is happiness? ‘Happiness is finding peace and being OK with life exactly as it is’ (Mo Gowdat). ‘The whole dance of your life is the training in which the universe is teaching you things which are bringing you toward the One’ (Ram Dass). Let’s go. 

Embrace simplicity.
Put others first.
Desire little.
— Tao te ching

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Urgent! Ken Cheng in London! #Asian #diversity #comedy #standup

The last couple of years have been enormous for Asian representation. Netflix hit us with ‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before’ and ‘Kim’s Convenience Store’, Cary Fukunaga was announced as the next James Bond director and ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ went into cinema release worldwide. The Southbank Centre in London is celebrating China Changing Festival and as part of it Ken Cheng is having his first London gig. I watched his youtube clips and this guy is going to be huge. So if you support diversity and/or love comedy, you know where to find me this Saturday laughing my socks off! Represent! 🙂  Book here.


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Heart of surrender mantra #happiness

I am reading this book – ‘Whatever Arises, Love That’ by Matt Kahn – when I just started, I thought it was a bit out there, even for me. However as I proceeded, I can only say that this book is as perspective changing and reframing as Eckhart Tolle’s ‘Power of Now’ and Lissa Rankin’s ‘The Fear Cure’ have been. Here is one of the mantras from the ‘Heart of Surrender’ chapter that I wanted to share here:

I no longer fight with those who insist on
fighting with me. I acknowledge anyone who
fights as only fighting for the grace of their
own loving attention.

I freely give loving attention to whatever calls
out for it, whether appearing as jumbled
emotions in my body, a noisy mind of endless
thoughts, or the relentless behavior of those
I encounter.

By speaking to others in a tone and manner that
suggests how much better they deserve to treat
themselves when not in my presence, I help
raise the vibration of the planet. I know full well
that my path cannot be defined by how others
treat me but only how I choose to respond.

Even though it seems as if I’m speaking to other
characters in my play, as the truth of all that is,
whatever I say to another is a love letter sent to
every heart. Knowing this, I relinquish any desire
or tendency to fight, negotiate, or defend, and I
return to love by embracing the truth of all.

Whether or not those I love consciously
receive my gifts, it is I who walks away from
each encounter more open, conscious, and
empowered than any moment before.

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What if money was no object? #happiness #purpose

We’ve had our first session of the ‘Exploring What Matters’ course from Action for Happiness that I am running as a volunteer. It was amazing. That night I felt elated, buzzing, euphoric. We have been blessed with 20 participants who are open, positive and willing to make their lives happier. I will be sharing some of the resources we use during the course here. I wanted to start with this famous video by Alan Watts:

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Be a loner (to all introverts out there) #happiness

Being an introvert is absolutely fine! Focus on your strengths – many historic figures and amazing people were introverts. Feeling different is ok – you will come to realise that you are not so different, everything and everyone is one. Being shy is ok – just don’t cut off yourself from vital energy that is love, be it friends or loved ones. Being told that you should be more of a ‘team player’ at work is fine – one day you will find the right environment to thrive as a lone wolf that you are and if not, you will create it for yourself, at or outside of work. Be yourself. Love yourself. Realise your purpose.

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