My book on love addiction is now out on Amazon!

It’s a truth universally acknowledged, that a writer in possession of a blog, must be in want of publishing a book πŸ™‚ I went the self publishing route and did it. My mini guide to healing love addiction is now available on Amazon.

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Nothing Means Anything #emptiness

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I Gotta β€”> I Get To

@davidchoe on TikTok

I love a good reframe. This one is a powerful perspective shifter.

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Art therapy. On why magpies are awesome

Read the word β€œevil” backwards. Interesting isn’t it? 

They say that when the witch dies, she turns into a magpie. 

Yin & yang – it makes sense. Nice reincarnation. 

Magpies are considered evil in largely superstitious folklore. 

They are believed to bring bad luck, sorrow, herald death and steal stuff. 

In the shamanic tradition they are a totem, a link to the spirit world.

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New mantra. No thoughts.

I have recently tried this new technique. It helps to manage anxiety, over thinking (rumination), excessive worrying and instantly returns you to the present. All you do is stop thinking.

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Always be kinder than you feel

via Blue Morpho

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A person who is not loving has not experienced love

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If you are stuck, step out of self-centredness

I have been reflecting on what snapped me out of emptiness. Why, suddenly, after 2 years of nothingness, everything started moving again?

Those 2 years were terrifying – spiritually, financially, socially and emotionally. Yet it was scarier to go back to the old ways and walk in yet another circle. The big achievement was persevering, believing, loving myself through it while continuing to disintegrate (positively), to face emptiness daily and reminding myself to remember and trust. 

During this time my spiritual practice grew. As part of the emptiness practice, I explored the dark recesses of my shadow, studied emptiness and experienced no self. I renewed my devotional practice and explored new styles of meditation. I became emptier. Or so I hope. And yet, what exactly did I do to end the emptiness practice?

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Why do you want to help?

At some point some of us come to the realisation that they really want to help others (there are others who just do it, but it’s a different story). The aspiration is urgent. We start out small, by donating to a charity or two. We volunteer. We ask friends and family about causes to support. We give away a bonus. We progress to a giving pledge where we start giving away regularly a chunk of income to causes that we care about. We sign petitions, try activism and research local foodbanks.

As I was completing my Level 2 course in Counselling Skills, as part of one of the assignments was this question:

What is your motivation for helping others?

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The Dalai Lama and 10 years of Action for Happiness

Recently, Action for Happiness, a UK charity celebrated 10 years of promoting science based approach to happiness, growing happier communities and helping reduce loneliness. The charity’s patron, The Dalai Lama, gave a talk from his home in Dharmsala and answered questions from the audience. The words that stuck with me the most are below (paraphrased).

Cultivate warm heartedness and peace within. Happy world comes from happy humans. For those who hurt you feel pity – they forgot, they hurt because they are hurting.

But also remember, you are nothing special, just one of 7bn people (lose the righteousness). You are just a human being, we are all just human beings, we need to learn to live together with loving kindness.

Reacting, resisting is from I, from Self, from forgetting. Love, not burn. It is just another dust cycle πŸ˜‰

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Do you send notes to a future you?

Do you write yourself future notes? I like to play this time travel trick, especially when I worry about something. For example, I added this note above in my calendar for a future me in March nearing 2 years of unemployment and heavy emptiness practice. In April things started moving and in May I found a purpose driven job. When this note popped up in my calendar in June, it made me smile. My life was very different. It reminded me that everything is always in flux, after darkness comes light and trusting the universe is always the best way.

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