My book on love addiction is now out on Amazon!

It’s a truth universally acknowledged, that a writer in possession of a blog, must be in want of publishing a book 🙂 I went the self publishing route and did it. My mini guide to healing love addiction is now available on Amazon.

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Just another dust cycle

The Eye of a Cosmic Serpent

I think about the melodrama of my life, the so called problems that seem so solid, real and long-lasting, and words that someone told me ring in my mind: “We will all be dust at the end of it.”

It is just another dust cycle. I chuckle. The “problems” no longer seem so immediate and hard pressing, shadows of themselves. Ego dissipates like a cloud of dust. Ah, the power of perspective.

A loved one who hurt me. A friend who turned out to be toxic. A friend who is not in touch. A neighbour who seems annoying. All mellow drama. All emptiness. All just another dust cycle.

We shall meet again. Burned bridges are just an illusion. However this time perhaps try to love, not to burn?

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Self-control is strength. Calmness is mastery.

Being able to stay calm in triggering situations is a power. Being able to pause, for a tiniest fraction of a second, and see options available to you at that point other than snapping into reactive mode, acting out the karma and/or flying into automatic primal rage, is liberation and enlightenment. Can anyone do it? How did you get there? I don’t know if I will ever learn…

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The Emptiness Mantra


I read about this mantra in one of the books about Buddhism. I instantly had to look it up. Now it is my daily companion reminding me “to keep cool”, to remember, to see beyond phenomena and people behaviours.

Om Svabhava Shuddha Sarva Dharma Svabhava Shuddho Ham

I found the best interpretation in Dahlia Cabe’s blog, click through and have a read. Below is her short but impactful meditation on surrendering back to the emptiness:

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My life is my message

Ram Dass keeps reminding me of this quote. Imagine if every moment of our life we remembered that this was our mission?

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So, a job found me…

After 2 years of emptiness, I am back in the energetic vortex of the Universe and things are moving again. I do nothing, yet nothing is left undone 🙂 In the end, despite all my (half assed to be honest) effort to find a job, a job found me, and not a moment sooner than when it was the right time.

I wanted to work in a social enteprise or charity. I wanted to work in mental health. I wanted to work from home. I now work remotely for a cool UK social enterprise providing NHS quality online therapy at very affordable prices. Very grateful!

I might go a bit quiet on the blog while I figure out how to get more customers aka help more people discover high quality online therapy and mental well-being. I am around. Comment if you need anything. And thank you for reading and liking – every time I see a notification, I send you light and love! Ram Ram.

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The Wisdom of Trauma with Gabor Maté #ptsd #mental health

I have learned about Gabor Maté from his work with psychedelics and then discovered his amazing work on understanding addiction and childhood trauma. This documentary is a beautifully made summary of his work and the many people he helped over the years showing why we get sick, addicted, unhappy and how this impacts planet and those around us. Heavy but healing. You might need tissues…

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Surviving the pandemic – TikTok videos that soothe, inspire and uplift #happiness #anxiety

#3 This is exactly how I felt most of 2020 – do you relate? (source)

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Transforming Anxiety – with Elisha Goldstein and Action for Happiness

Fear + Uncertainty = Anxiety. How true. Who has not felt anxious in the last year? Elisha Goldstein says that 1 in 12 of us used to suffer from anxiety before the Covid pandemic, and now it is 1 in 3. I definitely have been way more anxious than normal in the last year, I’ve struggled with sleeping, panic attacks, depression. What helped me was exactly what Elisha talks about: embodiment, music and dance specifically; nature; connecting with friends and others – professionally, based on interests or as an activist; my devotional and meditative practice, and serving (volunteering). This is a fantastic talk and I hope it gives you a useful perspective and tools if you are feeling anxious. Comment if you want to reach out. Remember, you are not alone. Giant virtual hug.

PS: if you like the talk, donate to Action for Happiness, they are a UK charity who are working hard to help us be happier.

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The Egg – a beautiful story by Andy Weir

A friend’s partner lost her dad to covid recently and he asked us for resources on grieving. Among other resources, I found this beautiful story by Andy Weir about death, after death, God and reality. The animated version is above.

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Goodbye, the winter of the soul. Blessed, we sing a song to spring.

Last year was hard. Many of my friends are mystics or psychonauts, both of which often come with existential crises, dark nights of the soul, depression and unemployment. As the social roles and identities fall off, the soul reawakens and reclaims spacetime from the ever distrustful, fearful, jittery mind. The soul gently teaches it how to be and co-exist in peace and gradually envelopes it in Love.

The winter of the soul is dark but necessary to germinate the seeds of meaning, integrate the void, truly find oneself, get to see the purpose, learn how to live every day from and be led by the soul, not mind.

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