My book on love addiction is now out on Amazon!

It’s a truth universally acknowledged, that a writer in possession of a blog, must be in want of publishing a book 🙂 I went the self publishing route and did it. My guide to healing love addiction is now available on Amazon.

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On purpose (again)

Changes are afoot.

I discovered that all my goals were an illusion.

They self destructed as soon as I “reached” them

(As much as one can reach a mirage in the middle of nothingness).

Career success, being a good girl, looking for love,

Then happiness, impact, awakening.

And now I arrived to nowhere

As a no one. This is it. The liberation.

Nothing to do, nobody home. Ha!

Turns out the last remaining question –

Why am I here? What’s my purpose?

Has no meaning.

Purpose is what’s in front of you right now.

What you have to do now.

There is no purpose beyond that

In the future or anywhere else.

You have arrived.

Stop overthinking. Do the best you can.

Forget about the outcome or what you want

And stay as empty as you can.

Happy enlightenment/ liberation!

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On purpose

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Digital “plant medicine” retreat with Blue Morpho

In 2020 (it was a strange year), I did a digital at-home shamanic (!!!) retreat with Blue Morpho and Hamilton Souther (see more here). I wrote a draft about my experience afterwards but for some reason did not publish it. Here it is.

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Imagine meditation by Ram Dass x Boreta

A 30 minute meditation which will powerfully shift your perspective, emotional and energy state.

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Ram Dass on self-love

Ram Dass, aka Richard Alpert, was not just a Buddhist, a Hindu and a mystic, he was also a child psychologist. I love his perspective on the question that has forever bugged me – why do almost all of us lack self-love and why does it start so early in our lives? Ram Dass explains in this video and shares a reframing technique on how “to love oneself more.”

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Are you stuck? #inbetween

Are you stuck,

Or are you incubating?  

Are you empty, 

Or are you liberated? 

Are you lost, 

Or are you reassessing? 

Are you drifting, 

Or busy manifesting? 

Are you lacking, 

Or great at letting go? 

Are you slacking, 

Or finally at peace? 

Are you lazy, 

Or are you non conforming? 

Are you slow, 

Or moving at your pace? 

Are you crazy, 

Or is your path unfolding? 

Are you suffering, 

Or is it grace? 

Healing is your hustle, 

Liberation is your goal. 

Spiritual growth – ambition, 

It’s ok to be going slow. 

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🐦 🍟 ⭐️

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Writing for Our Lives is out in Waterstones now #mentalhealth

My former employer, a large charity supporting those struggling with addiction, mental health issues et al, released a book of poetry written by their service users and staff.

Some poems did not make a cut and they needed more, I submitted my poems and they were included. Two of these were written when I struggled with mental health and two as I healed myself with plant medicines. I’ll link them here.

Next time you are in Waterstones, grab a copy. All proceeds go to a good cause – helping those struggling with addiction and mental health. Light and love.

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The last day of the last year to live

Remember A Year To Live challenge? Last Friday was the last day of my experiment. I “died.” It is time to draw the results.

Overall, it was a very illuminating challenge and I highly recommend it. Most of the things I learned were the things I already knew but I put them to practice more. Live here and now. Don’t leave anything important to tomorrow if you can do it now. Money is an excuse, you can find money, don’t let money stop you. You don’t have enough time on negative or ignorant people, you won’t save or fix them, leave them alone. Meditate daily. Eat what you want (but take care of your body) and feed others.

My goals were simple and I achieved most of them, or rather Universe made them happen. I must put a X next to the Spain one as well as a friend invited me to travel there in January out of the blue. Now I just have to find a job to be able to afford it.

I was patient, I was brave, I didn’t take no for an answer. And the most important objective of my experiment – this year I really felt alive. I hope to be able to continue to live with this newly found attitude.

You don’t need to take shrooms or travel to Spain to live fully. There are plenty of small and/or free things you can do right now to enrich your life. It is more of a mindset shift rather than anything else. I hope you find your way.

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New mantra

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