You gotta be hungry… Don’t stop running towards your dream — Les Brown #happiness

I love this speech. It’s full of gems of advice:

You gotta be hungry… Practice every day (reminder to self)… Someone’s opinion of you does not need to become your reality… You have greatness within you and responsibility to manifest that greatness… Don’t stop running towards your dream.

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The dust dance #amwriting

I usually post on Saturday 7:45am. When I miss this deadline, like this weekend, I either do not post or I post at the same time on Sunday or Monday. Today I will do it at 7:45pm 🙂  I want to share a poem that I’ve written recently. It took me several years to write it. I hope you enjoy it.

The dust dance

We are all shit
That will turn into dust.
We come from stardust
And return we must.

In sunlit bathroom
Do not go aghast
When you find yourself
In a cloud of dust.

Skin flakes and dust mites,
Faeces and dead stuff,
Bacteria, pollen
Floating past.

Don’t hold your breath
You can’t outsmart
This life-death dance
Of which you are part.

One day we’ll draw
Breath that’s our last
One day we’ll all be
Dancing dust.

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Ram Dass, Going Home #netflix

This short documentary is a meditation on life, death, what is important and what next. Fascinating. I loved the Seeta Ram (?) mantra that a man is chanting mid film. Can’t find it anywhere online!

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Writer pilgrimage – Jane Austen’s house in Chawton #amwriting

This weekend I have fulfilled my long held dream and visited Chawton to see a house where Jane Austen created and finished most of her works. Continue reading

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Art therapy – Could you? by Mayakovsky #poem #happiness

Vladimir Mayakovsky is a Russian poet who lived and created at the dawn of the 20th century. Since my introduction to his art in school, I’ve loved it dearly – there is music to his unusual rhyme and composition, there is rebellion in what he says and how and there is an element of madness in all of his works. He loved madly and he lived on edge. Mayakovsky has always been my most favourite poet for his edginess, extreme openness, vulnerability and lack of fear to innovate in art while remaining true to himself that translated into his beautiful poems. I translated one of my favourite poems from Russian below. A better translation exists, I just wanted it to sound how I thought was closest to the original.

Could you?

I’ve smudged the map of everyday

At once by splashing glass of paint;

Revealing on a jelly dish

Slanted ocean cheekbones.

Upon the scales of a tin fish

I read allure of new lips.

And do you

Think you could

Play nocturne

On a drainpipe flute?

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How to start meditating today if you don’t know where to start #happiness


Reclining Buddha. Yuliya Glavnaya 

At some point a while ago (it’s been years) I promised a post on what I learned in the introduction to meditation course at the London Buddhist Centre. I then wanted to try out the techniques before sharing them, long story short – I forgot about it. Universe reminded me in an interesting way. This week I was approached for advice on how to start meditating. While I was sharing the steps and tips that worked for me, I realised that whereas nowhere near an expert, I learned a lot about meditating so below is a quick guide on how to start meditating today if you don’t know where to start. Continue reading

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To speak or to die? Call Me By Your Name #CMBYN #happiness


Warning. This review contains spoilers. Also I have not read a book, I plan to. 

It is one of those movies – it blows your mind. You watch and rewatch it trying to grasp, understand how you got hooked, why it got under your skin, how it managed to create this instant recognition. Tears roll down your face to Sufjan’s softly voiced love ballad cast over shots of pure joy shared by two twin flames, two souls who incredibly found each other – you sob because you know that the end is near and the weight of impending loss is overpowering. You mourn having never experienced love so fully. You never walked the edge, so in love that you were free from gravity, fully alive. 

Mystery of love indeed. Scenes – beautiful, sensual, impeccably written, directed, shot and played – roll one after another weaving a familiar, yet not like any other love story. Look at these two. And sobs are back. 

You watch on the edge of the seat, Continue reading

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