My book on love addiction is now out on Amazon!

It’s a truth universally acknowledged, that a writer in possession of a blog, must be in want of publishing a book 🙂 I went the self publishing route and did it. My guide to healing love addiction is now available on Amazon.

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The girl who talked to birds and trees 

Dall•e AI generated

I wrote this story a while ago before I started inner child healing work. Like always with writing, it was my healing method. My way to embrace my wonder child. What weird and wonderful stuff were you into as a child? Have you tried writing/ journaling about your experiences?

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That summer dad lost me twice. Mum was at the hospital with my baby sister and dad was doing his best working and looking after me and my brother. One time we were on our way to grandma and I got off the bus early. Dad noticed too late. The second time I came home from school, no one was home so I got on a bus and went across town to visit grandma. Oblivious of the consequences, I enjoyed tea in her fancy china cups and the yummy homemade jam made out of blackcurrants that we collected at her summer house.

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Inner Child Healing. Recommended books.

@girlwiththelib on TikTok

Over the next couple of weeks I will share what I’ve been working on last year. Inner child healing.

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Grateful to be here…

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Using tarot cards to get an idea of the life purpose

Did you know that you could use tarot cards to get an idea of what your life purpose might be? Neither did I. In my experience with tarot cards a lot depends on the card reader and how good at reading the energy they are.

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Laughter therapy – spiritual memes 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣

Spiritual memes, is it a genre? How else to call these funny reflections on the seeker’s path? Also, why is this me! 🤣

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Blue Morpho’s Hamilton Souther and Frankie Fihn on life purpose

Frankie Fihn on purpose
Hamilton Souther on purpose

Hamilton talks to a “fellow walker through Infinity” and successful digital marketer about his business and plant medicine journey, how he found himself, what he thinks life purpose is and how he defines success. You can see the complete talk here but it was their discussion on life purpose that I wanted to particularly bring out.

Life purpose as not something we have to await, receive or seek but something we have to act out on a daily basis, reflected in every tiniest decision and our values that we live by. When you know your values, you proactively shape the direction of your life and yes, you are living your purpose.

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Art therapy – Omar Rudberg’s Call Me By Your Name ♥️

I’ve been completely obsessed with the Netflix tv show Young Royals for several months now, and its very talented actors Edvin Ryding and Omar Rudberg. It is a boy love drama about two teenagers one of whom happens to be a Crown Prince of Sweden. The story and plot twists are worthy of Jane Austen’s stories!

Omar Rudberg is also a terrific singer. I love his new song, which I’ve played on repeat for a while now. Overall, YR soundtrack is 🔥 I dare you not to get addicted to Impatient by Duvchi or My Awe Sustains by Ary. Young Royals, babyyyyy! 🐸👑

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Awakn Clinics London – psychedelic assisted psychotherapy event

A very interesting event next week from the first clinic in Europe legally using ketamine in therapy. Ben Sessa will be doing a talk and they will cover patient case studies to show how ketamine can improve therapeutic outcomes. I will be there.

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When anger is a good sign

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Best happiness quotes 😊 and spiritual memes ⭐️

@nomadoftheuniverse on TikTok

I took all the best quotes – and spiritual memes – from this blog that really speak to me and pulled them into one video. Inspiration in less than a minute!

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Your inner peace is too expensive

This quote from Our Mindful Life via Action for Happiness, especially the line about value of our inner piece, really made me think. I am usually very aware of how I spend money, yet completely negligent with the energy that I pour into relationships with other people.

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Crystal bowl healing with Tay

Winter is tough. If you are looking to escape in a healthy way but can’t afford going far, I recommend Thursday sound healing sessions with Tay in South East London (donation based).

Tay is a super talented crystal bowl player and a healer. I’ve now been twice to her sessions. Your body will float and vibrate to the incredible sound waves. It is a fantastic way to cleanse energetically and raise your vibration.

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Malik Sankara on the science of manifesting

As we are setting “goals” for the new year, the whole process being quite artificial (e.g., why do we do it in January) and one could say futile 😊 the subject of manifestation comes up inevitably. Manifestation for me is not an active process as in no action is required on my part other than taking a step back, asking the Universe to help me align with my soul and life purpose, removing any expectations around an outcome and accepting gratefully whatever manifests.

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Art therapy – Sorolla and his light

I’ve just come back from Spain. It is sunny, warm and beautiful there, as always. There is this painting that I really like, I like how the artist draws light in it, but I never knew its name or the name of the artist. Interestingly, I ran into it in Spain by accident. The painting is called Stroll Along The Seashore and it is by Joaquin Sorolla.

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Happy New Year 🥳

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