New practice – a sensory deprivation tank

As you know, I love trying new practices that allow me to prod my unconscious 🙂  While researching what next practice to try, I learned that FloatWorks offer floating  in a sensory deprivation tank (ok, pod) in London and I dived straight in 🙂  This is what the pod looks like: 

It is a strange experience – you are left in a room by yourself with what looks like an alive (water filter is on) giant jacuzzi with a lid.  Continue reading

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Practice of emptiness summed up in one cute cat image

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A year later: what psilocybin taught me

IMG_4348Source: The UK Psychedelic Society.

On September 28th it was a year after the psilocybin ceremony. I celebrated by rewatching The Mind Explorers, buying an LED mushroom lamp from Ikea 🙂  and thinking about what continue learning a year on after that amazing, life changing experience. Continue reading

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New practice: love the season you hate

Source: Tricycle

The onset (onslaught) of the austere British autumn with its chills, wool layers and mandatory cold (or in my case sinusitis) reminded me that I am not a big fan of winter. I love spring which is filled with flowers and hope. I love summer filled with parties and fun. I learned to love autumn with its beautiful light, quiet cozy nights and anticipation. But I can not bring myself to love, or even like, winter. Continue reading

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Make art even if it sucks – Hitrecord ‘Death’ remix

Making art is something I have missed when I was busy. In my archives I dug out this cheery 🙂  short film that I remixed using rewfoe (Hitrecord user) imagery when I was creating with Hitrecord. Perhaps I should return to create there, there is really nothing else like it as far as I am aware. And Joseph Gordon Levitt, whose baby this is, is of course a darling 🙂  Now, does anybody understand what the idea of the video was? My editing skills are work in progress…


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Chicken Ryaba, buddhism and emptiness – an interpretation on an old Russian folk tale

As one of their first fairy tales, children in the Russian speaking countries used to get told an old Russian folk tale about Kurochka (Chicken) Ryaba. It is a very simple story (see below*) that is not so simple once you start trying to figure out its meaning. After an extensive (a couple of days online) and fascinating research I have concluded my findings in the following poem, heavily influenced by buddhist teachings on emptiness and dharma. The sort of things you do on a mini retirement…

* Kurochka (Chicken) Ryaba is an old Russian folk tale about a poor old couple whose chicken lays a golden egg. An old man and woman have no clue what to do with it. The appearance of the golden egg causes all sorts of disasters and chaos in the village and only after a mouse destroys the golden egg, the peace is restored. An old man and woman are sad and Ryaba consoles them with a promise that she would never again lay anything but common eggs. 

Continue reading

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The allure of unrequited love, or why we fall for unavailable people #crush

To all love addicts out there…

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