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What would you do if you had 24 hours left to live?

Ask friends and family too. You will learn something new. A friend said she’d get on the first flight to Hawaii. Another friend would finally try psychedelics. My son would fly to Japan. I’d hug everyone I love, eat something … Continue reading

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Resilience in Buddhism, a different perspective to find happiness, joy and peace #burnout #unemployment #anxiety

When you find yourself in a predicament, see it from a different point of view. “Happiness is sorrow, sorrow is happiness. There is happiness in difficulty, difficulty in happiness”. If it’s so bad it’s impossible, know it too shall pass, … Continue reading

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Overcoming challenges and growing through struggles – I will be live on May 11 #burnout #mentalhealth

I am going to talk about resilience and some of the challenges I had to deal with/ overcome and how I did it at 12.30 BST on May 11th. I will talk about my corporate burnout and mini retirement (1 … Continue reading

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In the beginning, fear and excitement feel the same

Read that again.

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To get out of your anger #ThichNhatHanh

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Loving awareness – what does it feel like?

What does loving awareness feel like? I had no idea before. It was just a concept. Like one of my spiritual friends says, all you need to do is meditate and answers will come (or rather questions will dissolve but … Continue reading

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Let go of the outcome

Whatever the situation that vexes you the most right now, let go of the vision of how it ought to be. Surrender every shred of expectation. Do what needs doing but do not expect a reward. Do not dread the … Continue reading

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30-day no drama (and catch your klesha) challenge

How is it going, fellow nomads? What are you working on at the moment? I’ve got so tired of the drama that I noticed I tend to trigger in myself and others that I concocted this challenge. Mind you, day … Continue reading

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The self-help advice I actually need

I am tired of the mainstream self help advice. I am tired of being told I need goals, better goals, different goals, more commitment, more discipline, more faith, more trust, better routine, better structure, new framework. I am told to … Continue reading

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When unexpected happens, how do you react?

When you stumble on a loose pavement slab and nearly fall, what do you do? Swear? Kick it? Write to the local authorities and complain? How about thanking the slab and the Universe for putting it there, smiling and saying … Continue reading

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