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Make art even if it sucks – Hitrecord ‘Death’ remix

Making art is something I have missed when I was busy. In my archives I dug out this cheery 🙂  short film that I remixed using rewfoe (Hitrecord user) imagery when I was creating with Hitrecord. Perhaps I should return … Continue reading

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New Earth Reprise – beautiful existential poem from Hitrecord #happiness

Beautiful collective piece of art that Hitrecord community (led by Joseph Gordon Levitt himself!) put together. It took me a while to find this video so I am posting it here to share with you and so I never lose … Continue reading

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The 1st Episode Of Hitrecord Is Out!

This tweet and the 1st episode of Hitrecord have made my week! Episode #1 // HITRECORD ON TV: http://youtu.be/Fl_wdODKGtM  @hitRECordJoe @hitRECord I blogged about Hitrecord before. It’s an amazing example of what a very creative, open minded, famous person and ‘Internet’ can do … Continue reading

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Change Is Our Everything

I am a big fan of Escape The City community (check out their latest Top 10 newsletter here) and this picture of the week in their recent newsletter is just so spot on. I was going to post my latest … Continue reading

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To All Nomads Out There

I have installed Ted app on my smartphone. I should have done it long time ago really. Now instead of watching my favourite TV shows (which are on summer break anyway) before going to bed, or in other words passive … Continue reading

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Are We Recording? Presenting Hitrecord

Universe works in mysterious ways. I have been having a go at freelancing on elance, and one of the projects I worked on was about millennials. I am not sure if I am one or if I am a Gen … Continue reading

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