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Duality programme (energy work) with Jeffrey Allen

This may be one of those things that everyone is aware of and I am late to the party for 😊 I have seen Mind Valley ads before on YouTube but always assumed that it was some sort of scam. … Continue reading

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Inner Child Healing. Affirmations.

Here are the loving words you can say to your inner child. I suggest to read these out slowly like a meditation. If you had a traumatic childhood and/or did not receive the love you needed in your early years, … Continue reading

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Inner Child Healing. Wonder child meditation.

The wonder child urges us to continually expand. It calls us to more and more life. It says that life is growth, that to be human is to be overcoming. To be committed to life as growth and overcoming is … Continue reading

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Hole in a soul. The wounded inner child and emptiness.

Image generated by Midjourney (AI) The wounded inner child also contaminates adult life with a low-grade chronic depression experienced as emptiness. The depression is the result of the child’s having to adopt a false self, leaving the true self behind. … Continue reading

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The girl who talked to birds and trees 

I wrote this story a while ago before I started inner child healing work. Like always with writing, it was my healing method. My way to embrace my wonder child. What weird and wonderful stuff were you into as a … Continue reading

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Inner Child Healing. Recommended books.

Over the next couple of weeks I will share what I’ve been working on last year. Inner child healing.

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When anger is a good sign

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Crystal bowl healing with Tay

Winter is tough. If you are looking to escape in a healthy way but can’t afford going far, I recommend Thursday sound healing sessions with Tay in South East London (donation based). Tay is a super talented crystal bowl player … Continue reading

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The Wisdom of Trauma with Gabor Maté #ptsd #mental health

I have learned about Gabor Maté from his work with psychedelics and then discovered his amazing work on understanding addiction and childhood trauma. This documentary is a beautifully made summary of his work and the many people he helped over … Continue reading

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The White Wolf Meditation

I learned about this meditation on the Loner Wolf website. They call it the “Dark Night of the Soul meditation”. It is a healing practice for anyone going through the emptiness practice or the Dark Night of the Soul, and … Continue reading

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My book on love addiction is now out on Amazon!

It’s a truth universally acknowledged, that a writer in possession of a blog, must be in want of publishing a book 🙂 I went the self publishing route and did it. My guide to healing love addiction is now available … Continue reading

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SOAR meditation from Loner Wolf to relieve pain and suffering

I am going through stressful time at work (restructure!) and as I noticed anxiety return, I revived my daily spiritual practice. I found this meditation on Loner Wolf, the shamanic healer web site that I follow. I found it to … Continue reading

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How has shamanic experience changed my life? Let me see… #happiness #amwriting

Source: Tatler magazine, Jo Bowlby with a shaman in Peru.  It’s almost been a year since I went through a shamanic ritual (I wrote about it here). I still have a one pager where I hungrily have scribbled down key … Continue reading

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The wolf inside. My shamanic healing experience and what I learned from it #happiness

It was always about the wolf. I was interested in shamanism for a while, occasionally read about it but never actually considered doing it. When I read about Lissa Rankin’s experience with a shamanic ritual in her book The Anatomy … Continue reading

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