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New mantra

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I float on the thin film of an illusion that we call reality.

I am empty but not in a bad way. I don’t need to be anyone or anywhere anymore, I don’t have goals or projects, I still wonder about purpose occasionally but I accepted not knowing. I is the source of … Continue reading

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Too busy? Or afraid to face emptiness?

When I was younger, I filled all my free time with activities and projects. God forbid, I were to find myself alone in my flat with nothing to do. I was constantly on the go. Life seemed full and good … Continue reading

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Finding enlightenment in the in-between state

It takes some training to equate complete letting go with comfort. But in fact, “nothing to hold on to” is the root of happiness. There’s a sense of freedom when we accept that we’re not in control… This may lead … Continue reading

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The Emptiness Survival Kit is finally here. Happy positive disintegration!

How is your June going, fellow nomads? I am dealing with the opposite of empty. We have received a call and are hosting a Ukrainian refugee family. That required quite a bit of prep and paperwork. Suddenly there are 3 … Continue reading

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Loving awareness – what does it feel like?

What does loving awareness feel like? I had no idea before. It was just a concept. Like one of my spiritual friends says, all you need to do is meditate and answers will come (or rather questions will dissolve but … Continue reading

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The self-help advice I actually need

I am tired of the mainstream self help advice. I am tired of being told I need goals, better goals, different goals, more commitment, more discipline, more faith, more trust, better routine, better structure, new framework. I am told to … Continue reading

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(Psychedelic) art therapy. What the Universe is made of.

At some point during my first psilocybin trip, I’ve looked at a couple in front of me sat under the blanket, quietly coming down from their trip. Reality underneath and around them was transparent, shimerring with molecular grid connections, blue … Continue reading

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A to be list #happiness

On my To Be List are: Joy, Peace/ Calm, Love, Purpose, No anger, No thoughts, No self, No craving. The latter 4 can be replaced with one word – Empty.

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Remain still and listen.  Things and people come. I listen. I do what needs to be done.  The dramas and the traumas come. I listen. I bring myself back to breath.  Love your breath, says Ram Dass.  I listen some … Continue reading

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