In 2012, in the midst of the middle age crisis, I promised myself that 2013 will be all about happiness. This btw sounds like a log line for Jude Apatow’s movie :)  I have spent last 5 years in the high profile, high paced, intense corporate job which made me realise several things once I paused for maternity leave: a) I hate matrix organisations, b) my life is spent on blackberry, in unproductive meetings and I am not making much positive difference in the world, other than enriching already rich shareholders, c) I am unhealthy, stressed, unhappy and I am not doing what I love – writing.

So I quit. I now want to focus on happiness, not higher income or promotion or any other artificial goals. I want to be healthy, happy, fulfilled, light, as in not weighed down by material things, I want to invest into myself and relationships with people who are close and precious to me, I want to develop and grow and start and fail and succeed.

Initially I moved from the fast paced, always on London to a picturesque fishing village of Volendam in the Netherlands. This has been a healing experience, a summer of self discovery, meeting new people, online and offline, and doing things that I wanted to do (like writing for this blog), a life experiment and a career break. I bought myself breathing time. And then I realised I missed London. Doh. So we moved again, back.

Mind you, I do not recommend that you escape this way. It’s stressful, it’s expensive, possibly stupid. I needed it because I needed to get away, I needed a shock to the system, or the other way around. But looking back, I do recommend an evolutionary approach instead (Escape The City explain it well in their book).

So this explains why I write about happiness, being a nomad (this is not the first time I am moving across countries…) and all things Dutch – which will gradually change to all things London. Finally, I love movies and am attempting to write a sci fi script. If you are into movies and screenwriting, get in touch on twitter.

And with that, let’s go…

2 Responses to About

  1. doncharisma says:

    thanks for dropping by my blog:) fingers crossed for the happiness in 2013!


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