Hi, I am Lola, I write about happiness and thriving. 

I got into self improvement when I picked Viktor Frankl’s book ‘Man’s search for meaning’. This was almost 20 years ago. Since then I’ve read lots of books on happiness and thriving. I’ve studied philosophy, positive psychology, Tibetan Buddhism, meditation and blogged about ways to become happier. I also write on Quora mostly on Happiness and Loneliness. 

Can one say that self improvement is their hobby? 🙂  This is the case with me. I am an HSP, introvert (INFJ), self help enthusiast, spiritual explorer, working my way up the consciousness ladder.

My mission in life is twofold: first, to find myself because ’the universe cannot be completely itself until you become completely yourself’ (Loner Wolf). ‘Work on yourself to become a higher rate of vibration. The only option is to work on yourself’ (Ram Dass). Second, ‘to assist all sentient beings in their awakening and enlightenment’ (NY Times). Specifically, I help myself and others to have more self-love, be less lonely, more happy and less afraid of death. These are also the main themes for this blog. 

I seek the truth and practice compassion – and this is how I make my life meaningful. In Matt Kahn’s words, I am ‘interested in knowing life beyond the horizon of conventional understanding; yearn to fulfil my role in the awakening of humanity; or wish to integrate my energetic sensitivities into a life of inspiration, happiness, and freedom’.

What is happiness? ‘Happiness is finding peace and being OK with life exactly as it is’ (Mo Gowdat). ‘The whole dance of your life is the training in which the universe is teaching you things which are bringing you toward the One’ (Ram Dass). Let’s go. 

Embrace simplicity.
Put others first.
Desire little.
— Tao te ching



5 Responses to Hiya!

  1. doncharisma says:

    thanks for dropping by my blog:) fingers crossed for the happiness in 2013!


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  3. Kotryna says:

    Hey Lola,
    This is Kotryna, we worked a bit together in the past if you remember!
    I somehow randomly came on your Linkedin and then this blog – what a synchronicity! How interesting, love your story and what you do! Will read more of your posts;)
    I myself went on a transformstion and healing journey, realisations of myslef as a highly sensitive person and learning ways to be that are true to my soul! So your blog is interesting;)
    Keep it up!


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