Hi, thank you for stopping by

I am Lola, I write about happiness, meaning and spirituality. 

I first got into self improvement in my 20s when I picked Viktor Frankl’s Man’s Search For Meaning. Since then I’ve read mostly books on self improvement, self help, positive psychology, happiness, Buddhism, plant medicines, shamanism, etc. I have tried shamanic practices, breathwork, psychedelics, different healing modalities and ways to expand consciousness.

My path in brief can be described as overcoming negativity, self discovery, soul work, shadow work, seeing beyond my thoughts, work on anger, exploration of self, devotion, service, quest for joy, love and purpose, and at the moment the emptiness practice, surrendering and peace. I follow teachings of Ram Dass. All of my key experiences and learnings are documented here, on this blog.

My book on Love Addiction is out on Amazon now: Love Addiction, Love Crushes, Unrequited Love and How To Break The Pattern. You can find the Emptiness Survival Kit here. Use Menu above or Categories on your right to search for articles on topics such as Anger, Emptiness and Plant Medicines.

5 Responses to Hi, thank you for stopping by

  1. doncharisma says:

    thanks for dropping by my blog:) fingers crossed for the happiness in 2013!


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  3. Kotryna says:

    Hey Lola,
    This is Kotryna, we worked a bit together in the past if you remember!
    I somehow randomly came on your Linkedin and then this blog – what a synchronicity! How interesting, love your story and what you do! Will read more of your posts;)
    I myself went on a transformstion and healing journey, realisations of myslef as a highly sensitive person and learning ways to be that are true to my soul! So your blog is interesting;)
    Keep it up!


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