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Art therapy – Could you? by Mayakovsky #poem #happiness

Vladimir Mayakovsky is a Russian poet who lived and created at the dawn of the 20th century. Since my introduction to his art in school, I’ve loved it dearly – there is music to his unusual rhyme and composition, there … Continue reading

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Where should we begin? Esther Perel’s new podcast on couple therapy #happiness

I found this podcast to be eye opening in many ways and recommend it to anyone grappling with the ‘why’s’ of relationships. Esther provides new perspectives, shares her techniques and asks some tough questions. You can find it on iTunes … Continue reading

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Rejection therapy as a way to get unstuck #happiness

This guy is amazing and what he did is awesome. We can all benefit from rejection therapy, or even from just being aware of what we think and feel when we are rejected or think we will be. Perhaps being … Continue reading

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Art therapy- Agnes Lefevre on Saatchi #smile #happiness

Mmm, art that is good enough to eat 🙂  Les Macarons and Les poires by Agnes Lefevre put a smile on my face. The touch with ancient vases is very stylish imho. Off to have a pear now! Have a nice weekend!

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Art therapy- #happiness

Upward Spiral by Steve Perrault 

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Art- photographic art of Steve McCurry at Beethles + Huxley

You know I believe into therapeutic powers of art. Beautiful art can make one happy. I’ve recently discovered Steve McCurry, thanks to Beethles + Huxley gallery. You can view his works online here. My favourite is this one, called SHAOLIN MONKS TRAINING, … Continue reading

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Apartment Therapy

Recently I am into interior design (move coming up soon!). I love looking at beautiful photos of nature, art, fashion or interior design just before going to bed. My recent go to destination for interior design photos and ideas is … Continue reading

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The Secret To Successful Marriage And Relationship

A bit of an unusual post today. I don’t recommend books a lot. The last couple I’ve been on and on about were Power of Now and Escape Manifesto. But this book is amazing. If you are in a long … Continue reading

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5 Minute Laugh Therapy

If you are like me, so busy that you thought today was Wednesday (or anything but Tuesday), then you are probably already quite burned out. And we are not even through half the week. Not good 😦  To restore your … Continue reading

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Reframing – Rejection Therapy Anyone?

This one is a great example of reframing – taking a common fear and what we perceive as a negative thing (1), then turning it on its head and making it work for you. One of the things we hate … Continue reading

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