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Nothing Means Anything #emptiness

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Emptiness Survival Kit. Part 1: Face The Emptiness. Day 4: Super Void.

“Just as stars clump into galaxies and galaxies into clusters, so clusters of galaxies congregate into even larger superclusters, hundreds of millions of light years across. Between these superclusters are equally enormous voids, containing almost no matter at all. One … Continue reading

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Boötes void, the emptiest place in the Universe

I’ve been reading my little one’s “How it works” magazine and have learned about the Boötes void, the emptiest place in the Universe. Isn’t it amazing how enormous and empty this place is? Apparently scientists estimate that up to 60% … Continue reading

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For those who need a perspective today… For nomads… For wanderers #carlsagan #jasonsilva #space

I am not going to jinx it up too much. If your day is not going well or you are lacking perspective or if you just want to see something incredible, spend 3min watching this video. The only thing I … Continue reading

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Space Served With Warm Potato Salad

One of my many interests includes space. I am not sure if I should say it like this. Or is it like saying I really like Ryan Gosling? I mean duh! Anyway. Ted.com has recently published a number of talks … Continue reading

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