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Change the world by being yourself #happiness #selflove

What is it with us and self-love? Even the most advanced practitioners and spiritual seekers seem to struggle with it and specifically the thought of being judged by others. The infamous “what will people think” is a big one. For … Continue reading

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Rejection therapy as a way to get unstuck #happiness

This guy is amazing and what he did is awesome. We can all benefit from rejection therapy, or even from just being aware of what we think and feel when we are rejected or think we will be. Perhaps being … Continue reading

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Love crushes, obsessions, poetry… Rejection vs self love (Part 3) #happiness

Step over denial and face the music. The music of the night, the dark side of your soul where shadows of your fears drown in tears of your sorrows. Revel in rejection, let it wrap you into an icy mist … Continue reading

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Dose Of Morning Motivation

Fail. A lot. Get rejected. Daily. Smile. Shake it off. The cycle continues. Keep the energy vibrations going. You are dead to the Universe if you stop moving.

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Reframing – Rejection Therapy Anyone?

This one is a great example of reframing – taking a common fear and what we perceive as a negative thing (1), then turning it on its head and making it work for you. One of the things we hate … Continue reading

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