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Duality programme (energy work) with Jeffrey Allen

This may be one of those things that everyone is aware of and I am late to the party for 😊 I have seen Mind Valley ads before on YouTube but always assumed that it was some sort of scam. … Continue reading

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Your inner peace is too expensive

This quote from Our Mindful Life via Action for Happiness, especially the line about value of our inner piece, really made me think. I am usually very aware of how I spend money, yet completely negligent with the energy that … Continue reading

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Crystal bowl healing with Tay

Winter is tough. If you are looking to escape in a healthy way but can’t afford going far, I recommend Thursday sound healing sessions with Tay in South East London (donation based). Tay is a super talented crystal bowl player … Continue reading

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One hour kundalini meditation

I’ve been reading about energy work and kundalini and stumbled upon this meditation. It is not for faint hearted as it requires sitting straight for an hour. It took me a couple of days to actually last for an hour, … Continue reading

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How To Manage Your Energy

This link has been sitting in an open tab in my browser for a while now. It’s an amazing collection of articles from various thought leaders on how to manage your energy, be productive, creative and happy. I am going … Continue reading

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Dose Of Morning Motivation

Fail. A lot. Get rejected. Daily. Smile. Shake it off. The cycle continues. Keep the energy vibrations going. You are dead to the Universe if you stop moving.

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Don’t Argue, Be Happy

Heard an interesting story recently. It went along these lines: – What is the secret of your success? – I don’t argue. This frees up time and energy. – Ok… But surely some arguing sometimes is actually useful? – Sure. … Continue reading

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