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Memorial to everyday heroes in London

Postman’s Park is a a well maintained small patch of green in the heart of the City in London with a church, ancient tombstones and fountain, and flowers in bloom in any season. But its most memorable feature is the … Continue reading

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Mind Explorers screening – my 15min of fame :)

Yesterday was the day – I had my 15min of fame first as a (mostly sobbing) character in the Mind Explorers documentary where we attempt to challenge the stigma around psilocybin and promote its use as part of mental health … Continue reading

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Mastering the art of kindness with The School of Life

Sounds like fun and interesting (and affordable) event even if a better way to be kind would be to donate £10 to a good cause and to just actually be kind by committing an act or acts of kindness. But … Continue reading

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Jason Silva brings awe to London and causes a ‘mindgasm’ #philosophy #tech

For the last couple of weeks, Jason Silva has been exploding my brain, or as he would say, was the cause of multiple mindgasms 🙂  I had a chance to meet him in London where he did a talk at … Continue reading

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Happiness: Go Green To Beat The Blues

At some point I have stopped following the news. It’s a sure way to boost one’s happiness – news usually focus on the negative, depress us about things we don’t have control over and create energy sapping noise in our … Continue reading

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Six Ways To Make Your Day More Mindful

Great post on small things you can do daily to feel more connected, balanced and less stressed.

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Modern Art That Makes You Smile

I am a firm believer into the art therapy, no matter if you are just an onlooker, or creator too. The art that I like most is the one that has a strong idea behind it, or that makes you … Continue reading

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