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The next message you need is always right where you are #RamDass

Is it manifesting we need to learn, or letting go, surrendering more to see what’s already there? It is not a new sign, a message from the Universe that we need, but rather to still ourselves, quieten our minds, open … Continue reading

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When you realise you are stuck… surrender into the hopelessness #RamDass

When you realise you are stuck… you be stuck. You really be stuck. In the moment of stuckness is the key to the next liberation. It is the denial… trying to get unstuck that is feeding the stuckness. If you … Continue reading

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Emptiness Survival Kit. Part 4: Change The Lens. Day 34: Becoming Nobody.

You stand nowhere; there’s nowhere where you are not, and there’s nowhere where you are. — Ram Dass

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Emptiness Survival Kit. Part 3: Fill The Emptiness. Day 23: Chant Or Sing Your Heart Out.

To fill emptiness (yourself) with light, try chanting. Chanting, also known as kirtan, is a type of sound healing, a powerful practice to release, reset and surrender. I chant when I am worried, scared, stressed or in need of re-centering. … Continue reading

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Emptiness Survival Kit. Part 2: Shed, Empty, Let Go. Day 18: Surrender Observe Allow Release meditation.

When it all gets too much, we can practice surrender. Try the “Surrender Observe Allow Release” meditation from the shamanic blog Loner Wolf. Sit or lie down comfortably, close your eyes, breathe deeply and slowly, close your eyes and follow … Continue reading

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SOAR meditation from Loner Wolf to relieve pain and suffering

I am going through stressful time at work (restructure!) and as I noticed anxiety return, I revived my daily spiritual practice. I found this meditation on Loner Wolf, the shamanic healer web site that I follow. I found it to … Continue reading

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Embracing uncertainty #happiness

I finally embraced uncertainty. I used to be a control freak losing temper if things were not going my way. Still am, long road ahead but I see first promising signs of progress. I stopped trying to predict (obsessively think … Continue reading

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Surrender… to progress #happiness

I surrender. I am not moving from where I live (blossom where planted, right). I am not going to find yet another job that will no doubt be so much better, and will rather make the one I already have … Continue reading

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This week’s happiness recipe- do nothing, listen to Spotify and watch James Altucher’s TED talk

This week 3 things have been helping me to stay happy. Here they are. Brilliant post by Swati Desai on The Importance Of Doing Nothing does not appeal to me just because I am lazy 🙂  Often staying still and letting things go (this, too, shall … Continue reading

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