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Self-control is strength. Calmness is mastery.

Being able to stay calm in triggering situations is a power. Being able to pause, for a tiniest fraction of a second, and see options available to you at that point other than snapping into reactive mode, acting out the … Continue reading

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What if not knowing what next is an achievement?

I’ve been mini-retired for 6 months. Retirement is a great way to practice emptiness. Six months of non-doing and facing uncertainty is when I usually hit the psychological threshold and the monkey brain spirals into anxiety. You know the script … Continue reading

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How to remain calm with people. It has to do with self love #happiness

I have taken a long time to learn to deal with ‘negative’ people. It took a while to understand that often the problem is not in others but in me. Alain de Botton sums it up beautifully. When dealing with … Continue reading

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Best Meditation Apps: Happiness On The Go

I wrote about meditation before. I discovered it this year and I never looked back. I have been doing the simple one where you just focus on breathing. I then did one where you chant, loved it. And I notice … Continue reading

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