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I finally discovered the path to happiness!

It’s all rather simple and only took me 2 decades: Start by looking for happiness outside of yourself – change circumstances (location, job, etc) and people around you. Realise happiness is within, work on self-discovery, inner work, shadow work, inner … Continue reading

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Goodbye, the winter of the soul. Blessed, we sing a song to spring.

Last year was hard. Many of my friends are mystics or psychonauts, both of which often come with existential crises, dark nights of the soul, depression and unemployment. As the social roles and identities fall off, the soul reawakens and … Continue reading

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Bliss (I am the light of my soul)

I’ve discovered this beautiful song (chant? affirmation?) through my friend, Sarit. It sings like a mantra or prayer. Wayne Dyer talks about how in the Bible the God is called “I am”. I am indeed.  I am the light of … Continue reading

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