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Winter is different this year #SAD #happiness

Usually winters are the worst. It’s too cold, too grey, too miserable, I go stir crazy stuck inside. This winter feels different. Or more precisely I am different. I now aim to walk 10k steps every day whatever the weather. … Continue reading

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Spring! #happiness

There is that first weekend when it’s not yet spring but already bright and warm for the first time since November. And the scarf is suddenly too much and the shoes are ok. I spot first snow drops, stubborn daffodil … Continue reading

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Seasonal Affective Disorder and how to overcome it #happiness

Life seems so hard in February. It’s freezing outside, mostly grey and windy. You need several layers before you can leave the house. I’ve got this crazy winter flu and everyone in my family too, so it’s like Walking Dead in this … Continue reading

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Surviving Blue Mondays

Last Monday was a nightmare. The weather was horrid (although probably not as bad as those of you affected by snow storm in the US and Canada). Commute went wrong – a man under train (I only later connected it … Continue reading

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