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Goodbye, the winter of the soul. Blessed, we sing a song to spring.

Last year was hard. Many of my friends are mystics or psychonauts, both of which often come with existential crises, dark nights of the soul, depression and unemployment. As the social roles and identities fall off, the soul reawakens and … Continue reading

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The light of the void. The void of the light #RamDassMusic

Where do you stand in relation to hope? Are you hopeful? Or is it hopeless? Both of them are traps. Best place to stand is half way between hope and hopelessness. Standing nowhere, being everywhere. Doing what you do. — … Continue reading

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Spring! #happiness

There is that first weekend when it’s not yet spring but already bright and warm for the first time since November. And the scarf is suddenly too much and the shoes are ok. I spot first snow drops, stubborn daffodil … Continue reading

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Rescued by spring

Thank you, my dear spring, For dropping by so early Or even just on time. For joy and hope you bring, For sunshine and for smiles. For filling me with light. For saving me from cold Those dark and empty … Continue reading

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Are you happy, right now, right here? Spring only happens once

I have been quiet for a bit. I had a very Mad Men’esque exit from my agency job, so that took some time and energy. The good news is I am very happy, I am at home, and not starting a … Continue reading

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My Latest Lifehacking Achievement

Hi everyone, hope you are having a happy day, if not, you should start right away 🙂  It’s easy to be happy in spring… Different things make me happy, among them living in the fishing village in North Holland and having … Continue reading

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