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Ram Dass’s legendary course on Bhagavad Gita

I have not ever signed up for a course this fast. I am beyond excited and so glad that it was recreated for those of us who were not there (or born) in 1974! Ram Dass talks about Bhagavad Gita … Continue reading

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Action for Happiness course – Exploring What Matters

After months of work, I am delighted to share that this fall I am volunteering to organise and co-lead Exploring What Matters, an 8-week course designed by the Dalai Lama endorsed charity Action for Happiness, in the area of England where … Continue reading

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Build your Positivity Portfolio #happiness

I am taking a Positive Psychology course. I wanted to share one of the exercises. First, in the course they define 10 positive emotions as below (the last line reads LOVE). They also state that positive emotions broaden our perception (rather than narrow … Continue reading

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Happiness is only the cart, love is the horse 

I am really enjoying the Science of Happiness course from UC Berkeley’s. I in particular enjoy the scientific articles on happiness. Here is a good one and it’s also a link to the UC Berkeley’s Greater Good centre where you … Continue reading

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The Science of Happiness course, and how do you define happiness?

I decided to take my studies of happiness to the next level and signed up to the MOOC (massive open online course) titled The Science of Happiness from UC Berkeley. A fascinating course! (and apparently, the first positive psychology course available … Continue reading

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