Build your Positivity Portfolio #happiness

I am taking a Positive Psychology course. I wanted to share one of the exercises. First, in the course they define 10 positive emotions as below (the last line reads LOVE). They also state that positive emotions broaden our perception (rather than narrow it like negative emotions do), open us to more perspectives and make us more inclusive and creative. The exercise is that you need to choose one of these emotions and build a visual Positivity Portfolio around it (remember visualisation boards?). You can then use your Positivity Portfolio when things are not going well or negative emotions take over and bring yourself back into peace. I chose JOY and if I ever figure out how to put the board together, I will share it here. Share your board if/ when you have one!

About lolkin

Nomad of the Universe, sailing through the unknown, learning to be happy and give happiness back
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