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On anger. A reminder poem. Read when angry.

The boat is empty.  The anger is empty. (1) You just forgot. Again.  Remember – your karma led you here.  How can you be angry with something  That is a creation of your mind?  If you act now with anger, … Continue reading

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Learning to love my anger/ rage as a practice

Burning Desire, Mariko Mori  Anger appears as a faint buzz in the back of my brain, a mild irritation, a barely noticeable ticking noise growing louder. A high pitched detonator inside my brain. Me, me, me. Hate, hate, hate. Instead … Continue reading

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How to deal with people who unleash the anger or rage in you

Ram Dass has been my guru for the past couple of years. I love this quote of his. I finally understand that when someone yells at me or is angry with me, it’s their self hatred, their pain with themselves … Continue reading

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How to resolve conflicts – Ajahn Brahm

Are you working to get better at conflict management, or even better, prevention? Does your blood boil and you lose it, and you wish you could be mindful in that moment where your mind just spirals into the familiar unconscious pattern … Continue reading

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Jason Silva’s Shots of Awe – Existential Bummer

This video might just make and define your day, week or even a year. Do not go gentle into that good night, … Rage, rage against the dying of the light. Source

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