How to resolve conflicts – Ajahn Brahm

Are you working to get better at conflict management, or even better, prevention? Does your blood boil and you lose it, and you wish you could be mindful in that moment where your mind just spirals into the familiar unconscious pattern of rage and you stop being mindful? Here is a new perspective. Ajahn Brahm talks about some conflict resolving techniques he uses as a Buddhist. Bear with the speed of his talk, it is intentionally slow!

My key takeaways:

  1. At the point of conflict be kind, accept what is, let it be.
  2. Do not react mindlessly, do not spiral and lose yourself – anger is like a hand in front of your face, you can not see anything else.
  3. React mindfully and in an unexpected way, with kindness.
  4. Speak slowly softly. Be mindful of your body language.
  5. Understand the cause of the other person’s (or your own!) anger.

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