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How to love yourself more – 7-day self-love programme #happiness

Last year I focused on self-love. I realised my love addiction stemmed from the lack of it and I wanted to embark on a self-love programme but discovered there was no ready made package. So I read about it and … Continue reading

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Dissecting fear: part 1, based on Lissa Rankin’s The Fear Cure #happiness

I was going to do it a while ago. Below are the top quotes from Lissa Rankin’s The Fear Cure, amazing book on how to overcome fear, carefully selected by me and arranged in 3 clusters – Fear, Acceptance and … Continue reading

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Pronoia – a belief that everything in the Universe is conspiring to support you – via @Lissarankin #happiness

Lissa Rankin has been setting my mind on fire recently. She is my mentor, my spiritual coach. Her book The Fear Cure, her blog posts and now this talk at the World Domination Summit that I want to share with … Continue reading

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To overcome love obsession (addiction), start with your fears #happiness

I have made a big breakthrough in the study of my love addiction. This was a result of extensive and painful self analysis that took me years. If it’s your first time on my blog, do not be alarmed, I … Continue reading

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Biggest happiness lifehack – cure your fears

I am reading this awesome book, Fear Cure by Lissa Rankin. If you want to work on overcoming your fears, it’s a perfect guide on how to do it. Can’t believe I’ve been reading her posts on Positively Positive and … Continue reading

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