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Always be kinder than you feel

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The Dalai Lama and 10 years of Action for Happiness

Recently, Action for Happiness, a UK charity celebrated 10 years of promoting science based approach to happiness, growing happier communities and helping reduce loneliness. The charity’s patron, The Dalai Lama, gave a talk from his home in Dharmsala and answered … Continue reading

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This 👇

This sums up the manifesto of this blog, my key values and is a signpost for anyone starting on a spiritual journey.

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How to be a hero this Christmas #happiness

I have graduated from the UC Berkeley’s ‘The Science of Happiness’ online course (yay! a year’s work!), yours truly is now a certified expert on happiness 🙂  however I continue revisiting some of the amazing research they are using throughout the course. … Continue reading

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Timber Hawkeye (Buddhist Bootcamp) on happiness, and his ‘tshirt slogans’

In this video Timber Hawkeye does not say anything new. He is not the greatest of speakers (no offence). But it’s how he says it – it comes from his heart and he really means it. Also when he speaks, … Continue reading

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Top 10 gifts for breast cancer patients #rak #netmums

Inspired by Timber Hawkeye’s Buddhist Boot Camp, I’ve been doing more RAKs (random acts of kindness) lately. Small things- like letting someone get on the train before you, helping ladies with prams, giving up seat for an elderly passenger. It’s … Continue reading

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This video will change how you think about stress… and maybe even save your life

In studying the science of happiness, it’s interesting how sometimes you get a new perspective on the same thing or several different perspectives come into one and reveal something new. I’ve recently blogged on how thinking about stress symptoms as signs … Continue reading

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Happiness: Surviving The Negativity Tornado

I had a really stressful week. I had to deal with some deeply unconscious, ego driven people who completely forgot they were mortal. There was no way around it, and I was not intending to let negativity take over me, so … Continue reading

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