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Gong bathing with Third Ear – meditation, chanting and gong bath app from Leo Cosendai

My latest spiritual callings have been to take part in the gong bath and go on a water fast. The Psychedelic Society runs gong baths but the location is too far for me (East London). As if by chance 🙂 … Continue reading

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Helping others – Be My Eyes app

Thanks to Apple App Store newsletter, I found out about and immediately volunteered with Be My Eyes – an app connecting blind and visually impaired people with sighted volunteers. I myself have a bad eyesight and was at a point … Continue reading

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Codecademy’s Coding App For Beginners

One of the ways to be happy is to expand your horizons, as in learn new stuff. It makes you smarter, keeps your brain in shape, opens up new opportunities and potentially boosts your income. I’ve been watching the latest … Continue reading

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Slowing Down In The New Year

I am noticing quite a few ‘slow down’ initiatives early this year. I already blogged about Bruce Kasanoff’s Think Clearly challenge (you have to do nothing, be still for 10min each day). I came across two more. One moment meditation … Continue reading

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Best Meditation Apps: Happiness On The Go

I wrote about meditation before. I discovered it this year and I never looked back. I have been doing the simple one where you just focus on breathing. I then did one where you chant, loved it. And I notice … Continue reading

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Strategies For Happiness: Simplification

I love mornings like this. When the morning air is crisp and full of possibilities. When you wake up grateful for having another day and full of energy to make things happen, and hope, and in general are unstoppable. When … Continue reading

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My Latest Lifehacking Achievement

Hi everyone, hope you are having a happy day, if not, you should start right away 🙂  It’s easy to be happy in spring… Different things make me happy, among them living in the fishing village in North Holland and having … Continue reading

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