The Mind Explorers – London premiere and live Q&A, come and say hi!

Recently I posted A new milestone… a new door opened… a new world discovered… #happiness. So what has been this amazing spiritual growth experience that has blown my mind so much?

Inspired by the likes of Stan Grof, Ram Dass and Jason Silva, around 6 weeks ago I have went on the psychedelic retreat in the Netherlands with the UK Psychedelic Society. I’ve taken psilocybin (magic mushrooms) which is legal there in the controlled environment with trained guides and integration (therapeutic) work afterwards.

As if to make it even more surreal, I was offered to take part in a documentary about the retreat which I did – it premieres on December 1st in London, if you want to learn more about psilocybin and how it could be used for spiritual growth (and see me sobbing most of the film), come and say hello.


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I don’t want to forget #happiness

How to not forget this?
To not let the memories fade?
To keep the fire burning
And see the wolf’s starry eyes in the night sky?
How to remember
That the void is just a hand away
And that this body can be left behind.
That time is solid
Or rather doesn’t exist.
How to remember
The truth in all its glory?
Shamanic drum is singing
A story of a dragonfly.
Or is this an angel
With four blue eyes?
The fire roars inside, awakened.
The divine force is alive.
The mushroom goes back to earth,
We go back to lives
That we now know
Aren’t what they seem.  
Putting an old mask
On a new truth.
What next? How do you live now?
I breathe into chakras
Of worthiness and love
Ha ha ha ha ha.
A bolt of lightning in my hand.  
An acorn in my pocket.  
Tears in my eyes.  
Sand in my shoes.
Light in my heart
Glowing, buzzing
With an omnipresent force of creation
That is love.

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‘Go ahead, light your candles and burn your incense and ring your bells…’ #happiness

Yep, not fun being on the anvil and letting go of the brass – nowhere near gold I am afraid and it is not getting any easier. But I do love the process… You know that question – if you were super rich and you did not need to work again, what would you do? I would continue on my spiritual path of finding out who I am, being present, mindful, trying to bring love and light to the world, creating for the sake of creation… Off I go to burn my incense 🙂  Tibetan incense and a smell of freshly cut asters is what autumn smells like…

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A new milestone… a new door opened… a new world discovered… #happiness

It’s been 4 weeks this week since I’ve done something nuts and hit another milestone or rather opened another door on my path. All will be revealed at the right time 🙂  For now I have so much to share! I’ve opened a completely new to me world with amazing people, knowledge, perspective and tools. This inspired me to make new art. I will be sharing everything here. First, I wanted to share this amazing song? musical meditation? that will pull your heart strings and breathe fire into your beauty appreciation chakra…


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Baz Luhrmann — Everybody’s Free To Wear Sunscreen #happiness

Amen to this! Floss indeed. Origin story here.

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I need some Cary Fukunaga in my life

I want to have some Cary Fukunaga on this blog. Look at this guy. Half Swedish, half Japanese, American. Movie director. Sounds smart in his interviews. Appears as goofy but with a dark tinge. Sweeping girls hearts at the moment 🙂  His Jane Eyre is deliciously dark. His Maniac is amazing. I need to check out True Detective and I will even watch James Bond, wtf not! Cary Fukunaga is another Asian to make it (yes!) and he makes my beauty appreciation chakra tingle 🙂  You go, man!


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My updated About page #happiness

Have you seen my new About page? I have finally updated it. Click here or read below: Hiya! Let me know what you think!

Hi, I am Lola, I write about happiness and thriving. 

I got into self improvement when I picked Viktor Frankl’s book ‘Man’s search for meaning’. This was almost 20 years ago. Since then I’ve read lots of books on happiness and thriving. I’ve studied philosophy, positive psychology, Tibetan Buddhism, meditation and blogged about ways to become happier. I also write on Quora mostly on Happiness and Loneliness. 

Can one say that self improvement is their hobby? 🙂  This is the case with me. I am an HSP, introvert (INFJ), a spiritual explorer, working my way up the consciousness ladder.

My mission in life is twofold – to find myself because ’the universe cannot be completely itself until you become completely yourself’ (Loner Wolf). As Ram Dass puts it, ‘work on yourself to become a higher rate of vibration. The only option is to work on yourself’. And – ‘to assist all sentient beings in their awakening and enlightenment’ (NY Times). Specifically, I work to reduce loneliness and increase happiness in living beings around me. 

What is happiness? ‘Happiness is finding peace and being OK with life exactly as it is’ (Mo Gowdat). ‘The whole dance of your life is the training in which the universe is teaching you things which are bringing you toward the One’ (Ram Dass). Let’s go. 

Embrace simplicity.
Put others first.
Desire little.
— Tao te ching

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