Gong bathing with Third Ear – meditation, chanting and gong bath app from Leo Cosendai

My latest spiritual callings have been to take part in the gong bath and go on a water fast.

The Psychedelic Society runs gong baths but the location is too far for me (East London). As if by chance 🙂 I discovered this article below which mentioned Leo Cosendai, a Swiss operating out of London, who happens to have created an app called Third Ear.

I tried it for free and it has a rich library of various meditations, chants and yes, gong bath sessions (also Tibetan and crystal bowls, conch shells (!!), etc). I was intrigued (and wanted to access longer sessions) so have got a very reasonably priced £3.99 pcm membership (I don’t get paid to promote it) and can now ‘bathe’ in gong sounds all I want. Slept like a baby yesterday after ‘gong bathing’ 🙂

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This 👇

This sums up the manifesto of this blog, my key values and is a signpost for anyone starting on a spiritual journey.

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Be Yourself by Eugene Lee Yang

Ok, the video is called I’m Gay and it’s a coming out video by an amazing 1/4 of the Try Guys, Eugene Lee Yang (Asians – represent!). But for me the message behind it is about being yourself. Unapologetically. Be who you are and let others be. Ram.

PS: I love his jade outfit in the end! And Odesza’s tune!!

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Embrace your greatness. Do not give up.

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One hour kundalini meditation

I’ve been reading about energy work and kundalini and stumbled upon this meditation. It is not for faint hearted as it requires sitting straight for an hour. It took me a couple of days to actually last for an hour, I usually meditate for 20min max. But once I got the logistics right, the experience was amazing. Oh, and the photo is from around where I live.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/kundalini/comments/1tg8gy/an_advanced_method/

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If you want change…

This quote sums up my life at the moment 🙂 Uncertainty, here I come! Open the void… This week is the last week at my job, a start of my mini retirement and several personal projects 🙂

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Finally! Found that beautiful Sita Ram song!

In Netflix’s documentary on Ram Dass a young devotee is performing a Sita Ram song in Ram Dass’s house. The performance is so beautiful that I returned to it and replayed it many times after I watched the documentary. Now thanks to the Internet knowledge hub that is Reddit (this thread specifically) I know that this guy’s name is Mu (or Evan Bushnell) and his beautiful rendition can be streamed and enjoyed here: 

As I listen a lotus of love is opening in my heart while tears stream down my face… So, so beautiful. Namaste.



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