Art therapy – a piece of summer #happiness

I wanted a memento of summer for dark winter days. I did some research and found this Lego idea on internet. In retrospect I could have knit it rather than use plastic but here we are. Art therapy and seasonal therapy combined ๐Ÿ™‚

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Life purpose – everything I’ve learned so far

Blogging is like gardening. You go back several years, 6 or 2, you read your old posts and you realise how far you have come. This morning I’ve had an urgent urge ๐Ÿ™‚ ย to summarise everything I’ve learned about life purpose. I have went through the purpose related posts on this blog, carefully pruned them (find top onesย here) and summarised key insights below (see the end of the post). I then thought – are we even meant to have a life purpose? and jotted down the possible scenarios. Behold the bubble diagram!


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The day was crisp/ The light was new/ Autumn has come/ Like deja vu

Man, I forgot how much I love autumn. I was washing dishes one day and glanced outside – the light was different. It was soft as if I was in an oil painting. The angle has changed.

Sunlight in autumn is very special. I remembered a photo I made ages ago at my friend’s dacha (summer house). This photo encapsulates for me what an autumn day feels like – the light, the still life, the decor, the memories of that day (it was a grape picking picnic). I should print this out and put it on the wall.

Happy autumn, fellow nomads!



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If it’s not fun, don’t do it! And if you must do it, make it fun!

What do you do when you are mini retired? Well, art, of course. In the Episode 94 of the Here and Now podcast Ram Dass tells a hilarious story about cooking a lobster with his father as a buddhist (from 18:55). It’s an interesting question – do you cling to your holiness or do you live out your reincarnation as a lobster eating father’s son? It made me laugh so much I had to bring it to life in a collage ๐Ÿ™‚

ram dass lobster FINAL

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Postcard paradise. Emptiness and holidays.

You can go as far as you wish – and yet, there you are. Hope you have a joyful holiday and enjoy this poem. Continue reading

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Chanting with Ram Dass – Rama Rama

I have not realised how purifying, elevating and electrifying chanting is until I tried it. Wow! You don’t have to be a buddhist, religious, spiritual or have singing abilities (I don’t). Chant along and feel the expansion and the light. You can find the Here and Now podcast in your phone podcast app or on Youtube here. From 33:33 in an app, from 33:00 on youtube. Have a nice flight. Rama Rama.

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Kafka on stillness

I have left my corporate job recently and have been on a mini retirement mainly exploring and embracing emptiness from a buddhist perspective (or as my husband puts it, doing not much ๐Ÿ™‚ ). I am reading books on stillness and non-doing like E. Slingerland’s Trying Not To Try and H.D. Thoreau‘s Walden.

Kafka is right, you don’t need to do anything, go anywhere – instead slow down, stay still, emptiness will come and wash through you, don’t escape like you always do, don’t try to fill it – face it instead, let it fill your heart and discover that it’s a veil, yet another illusion behind which is a delightful fullness *insert Mona Lisa smiley*

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