Love addiction – the ultimate post (inspired by @melissabroder)

This article by Melissa Broder and her book ‘Pisces’ were the latest eureka moment in my understanding of love addiction. The dots connected, the pieces clicked – could it be it? Am I healed?

I have meticulously mind mapped Broder’s key concepts and overlaid my own love addiction drivers to grasp the insight (this is what I do for fun) which led to the post below – the longest post ever. If you suffer from unrequited love, love crushes or love addiction, I hope it helps you get a new perspective on why you do it and maybe start to heal. Strap in, this is going to be a bumpy ride…

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Howard Thurman on purpose and how you can make a difference #quote

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Melissa Broder on love, longing and infatuation #happiness

Melissa Broder is the modern shaman/ philosopher/ poet. I’ve read her article for NY Times, and felt seen – most of what she says about love is what I’ve been recently realising/ discovering. In fact, her article triggered a reflection process that resulted in my ultimate post on love addiction – watch this space.

I bought and read Melissa’s new book Pisces (cover below) overnight. She writes about crushes, love addiction and how what we are longing for is not another person. Here are the quotes from the article that stuck with me, and my review of her book.

‘Crushes are like little treadmills of hope in the abyss.’

‘It is so easy to confuse spiritual longing with a craving for romantic love… Perhaps the longing itself is holy.’

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Memorial to everyday heroes in London

Postman’s Park is a a well maintained small patch of green in the heart of the City in London with a church, ancient tombstones and fountain, and flowers in bloom in any season. But its most memorable feature is the Memorial to Heroic Self-Sacrifice created by the Victorian painter and sculptor George Frederic Watts as a memorial to ordinary people who died while saving the lives of others and who might otherwise be forgotten.

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Hieronymous Bosch’s ‘Garden of Earthly Delights’ – birds reimagined project #art

It has been a while since I posted about art here. There is a reason for that. It takes me years to complete an art project 🙂  This one definitely took a while… I love H. Bosch’s ‘Garden of Earthly Delights’ triptych:


…and specifically birds:


There is an explanation somewhere online as to what the birds mean in Bosch’s context but basically sin. His whole painting is about different type of sin and resulting punishment. But in my world birds are cool. And I thought these birds looked cute. I felt sad for them and I wanted to put them in a more cheerful environment.

If I could paint, I would put them on a funky background, together in one painting and let them do something fun. But I think I can not paint so I went on Etsy and over months researched and collected paintings of these birds, one by one, by different artists. A couple still need adding a fun accessory or two, but in general this is exactly how I’ve seen them – presenting Bosch’s Birds reimagined:


The thing about art is it’s so much fun and anyone can do it. All you need is an idea. I had fun doing this project. But really wanted to finish it so I could move to the next!

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East Forest and Ram Dass – Chapter I #happiness

Our mind is our karma. I am loving awareness. When you have a dark thought, love it.

East Forest captured essential teachings of Ram Dass, left the most essential phrases and overlaid them on beautiful spiritual music. It’s a good listen and you can meditate to it also. I have been playing these tracks on repeat.

Listen on Spotify, Soundcloud or buy the tracks in your Music store (eg iTunes). I can’t wait for chapter II!

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Dwight Schrute said it best…

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