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Nomad of the Universe, nobody special, Buddhist, student of Ram Dass. I write about happiness, meaning and spirituality. My book on Love Addiction is out on Amazon now.

Imagine meditation by Ram Dass x Boreta

A 30 minute meditation which will powerfully shift your perspective, emotional and energy state.

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Ram Dass on self-love

Ram Dass, aka Richard Alpert, was not just a Buddhist, a Hindu and a mystic, he was also a child psychologist. I love his perspective on the question that has forever bugged me – why do almost all of us … Continue reading

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Are you stuck? #inbetween

Are you stuck, Or are you incubating?   Are you empty,  Or are you liberated?  Are you lost,  Or are you reassessing?  Are you drifting,  Or busy manifesting?  Are you lacking,  Or great at letting go?  Are you slacking,  Or … Continue reading

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🐦 🍟 ⭐️

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Writing for Our Lives is out in Waterstones now #mentalhealth

My former employer, a large charity supporting those struggling with addiction, mental health issues et al, released a book of poetry written by their service users and staff. Some poems did not make a cut and they needed more, I … Continue reading

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The last day of the last year to live

Remember A Year To Live challenge? Last Friday was the last day of my experiment. I “died.” It is time to draw the results. Overall, it was a very illuminating challenge and I highly recommend it. Most of the things … Continue reading

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New mantra

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You are fear (anger)

As you watch, you learn that the observer is merely a bundle of ideas and memories without any validity or substance, but that fear is an actuality and that you are trying to understand a fact with an abstraction which, … Continue reading

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On anger. A reminder poem. Read when angry.

The boat is empty.  The anger is empty. (1) You just forgot. Again.  Remember – your karma led you here.  How can you be angry with something  That is a creation of your mind?  If you act now with anger, … Continue reading

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On anger. Who is the source of your anger?

Thanks to this video, I’ve had a breakthrough – I realised my father is the source of my explosive rage. The thing is his rage likely is not even conscious, and was passed down by previous generations of my ancestors. … Continue reading

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Universe has an impeccable sense of humour

Since my “hero dose” 6g plant medicine ceremony in the Netherlands in 2018, I dabbled into smaller doses solo and took part in another group ceremony last month, on Lion’s Gate portal opening 8/8. This was a ceremony led by … Continue reading

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Depression is a state of alienation from our needs

…the internal conflicts often result in depression… When we have a judgmental dialogue going on within, we become alienated from what we are needing and cannot then act to meet those needs. Depression is indicative of a state of alienation … Continue reading

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Absence of that that we do not want is happiness itself

We often overlook absence of something undesirable, our minds focusing on the next thing, next goal, forgetting that absence of something undesirable has been our goal in the first place and is hence an important part of our happiness. Take … Continue reading

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Art therapy – space poem #TheExpanse

I miss this tv show so much ☹️ I can not wait for the embrace of space! Its vastness, cold vacuum and void. So I escape the gravity of self And into supernova self-destroy. Strap in for high G burn … Continue reading

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I float on the thin film of an illusion that we call reality.

I am empty but not in a bad way. I don’t need to be anyone or anywhere anymore, I don’t have goals or projects, I still wonder about purpose occasionally but I accepted not knowing. I is the source of … Continue reading

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