Life purpose – everything I’ve learned so far

Blogging is like gardening. You go back several years, 6 or 2, you read your old posts and you realise how far you have come. This morning I’ve had an urgent urge 🙂  to summarise everything I’ve learned about life purpose. I have went through the purpose related posts on this blog, carefully pruned them (find top ones here) and summarised key insights below (see the end of the post). I then thought – are we even meant to have a life purpose? and jotted down the possible scenarios. Behold the bubble diagram!


Some believe there is no life purpose and our existence is a random outcome of the laws of large numbers. Some believe that our existence is purposeful in itself –  we are the Universe, the One looking at itself through our eyes. In this case, should we even concern ourselves with “finding a life purpose” or is it enough that we made it through impossible odds and our mere existence is the purpose realised in itself? If we are meant to find the life purpose, are we all supposed to do so or just a few of us? Have we already realised our purpose without being aware of doing so? Are we meant to find the life purpose and if so, how – actively, through experimentation, or passively, through non-doing?

Versions 2 and 4 make sense to me personally, being biased towards buddhism and having read Kris Carr’s amazing post The Myth of Finding Your Purpose. Of course, ultimately any reflection on ‘life purpose’ is just our minds trying to over analyse what just is. It is all lila – play, game and nothing should be taken seriously. The need for life purpose may be just a mind construct, another tail to chase for our minds. Have a wonderful purpose-ful or purpose-less weekend, fellow seekers 🙂

What could be our life purpose (if we are meant to have one):

  1. Anything that makes us feel alive, brings us joy.
  2. Whatever our heart/ soul tells us to do, the soul-led life.
  3. Self discovery, authenticity, being you, life true to values.
  4. Play, lila, fun, creation for the sake of creation.
  5. Healing, self-love, journey from unworthiness to light.
  6. Achieving the higher rate of vibration (Ram Dass), the higher state of consciousness (see here).

About nomadoftheuniverse

Nomad of the Universe, nobody special, Buddhist, student of Ram Dass. I write about happiness, meaning and spirituality. My book on Love Addiction is out on Amazon now.
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2 Responses to Life purpose – everything I’ve learned so far

  1. lolkin says:

    Just want to add it here for reference, Iddo Landau’s thoughts on life meaning. Interesting thoughts on meaning sources – meaning produced by faith (religion), soul, absolute truths (eg creativity) or human mind. Also how to increase life meaningfulness – find new sources of value, change existing or reframe and see what you are taking for granted. Finally, on importance of reflecting – “unexamined life has no meaning”


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