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We all need some Positive News

I’ve been keeping an eye on these guys. I just love the idea of positive news – there is too much negativity around and good news do not get enough attention. I was too late for their crowdfunding campaign but … Continue reading

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Fun News- British commuters face a new excuse from a train company

Ahh British train companies and their excuses! This must be the best 🙂 If you want to gloat about how great train service is in your country, or just to have another laugh, laugh away in disbelief here.

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Fun News- TV reporter swallows a fly

Found in my archives- from Metro a couple weeks back :)) I need to see this on Youtube!

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Fun News: This Week’s Winner

This news is so good, I laughed at each paragraph! The news itself is exciting for science. But it’s also hilarious. I am not sure what’s best – scientists finding prawn sperm in bat droppings (what?), image of 1mm ostrocods … Continue reading

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Fun News Return

At some point, when I used to have a diary, I used to collect what I called fun news – news that made me giggle or seemed too surreal/ out of this world. When you read something and it makes … Continue reading

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