Vincenzo Cassano, take me to opera ♥️ #kdrama

If you are looking for the next tv show to watch, have you watched K dramas yet? I can’t believe it took me so long but I finally forayed into the genre. And what an introduction! I’ve just spent 3 days of my staycation watching Vincenzo on Netflix.

Before this I had no idea one could combine Sopranos, Crazy Rich Asians and Scrubs, throw in elements of a soap opera, add an all Korean cast (the men actors are 🔥, ladies), an unexpectedly action rich, tightly written plot full of twists and somehow produce a hilarious, yet tragic, drama? dramedy? What…

PLOT SPOILER ALERT. A charismatic and dashing Italian mafia boss who is Korean by birth comes to Korea to finish one of his projects, meets a quirky bunch of locals and gets sucked into fighting for justice. Yep, you don’t expect that.

You will laugh. You will cry. You will ponder. You will rack your brain for Italian basics. You will be jealous of Korean makeup 😊 You will notice that Korean men (and women) look stunning. You will wonder why it took you so long to discover kdramas. Above all, you will have a good time.

(fans of Jane Austen and period dramas will delight at cinematic touches normally reserved for the genre, for example, a close up of a particularly expressive hand or a very, very long build up to a kiss).

I usually don’t like films or shows about mafia. Vincenzo is definitely the exception. That corrupt doctor’s wife had the right idea – Vincenzo Cassano, take me to opera 😉 no, seriously, please. I beg you.

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5 Responses to Vincenzo Cassano, take me to opera ♥️ #kdrama

  1. Thanks I will give it a go. Have watched several Korean series. Some of which I greatly enjoyed

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  2. tuckle says:

    This was so good

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  3. wataekookie~ says:

    Vicenzo is definitely one of my favourite kdramas I have watched! I also enjoy watching: crash landing on you, angels last mission:love, my love from the star and while you were sleeping. Honestly wonder why I didn’t start sooner! Very nice post :))

    My blog:

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