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Art therapy – Omar Rudberg’s Call Me By Your Name ♥️

I’ve been completely obsessed with the Netflix tv show Young Royals for several months now, and its very talented actors Edvin Ryding and Omar Rudberg. It is a boy love drama about two teenagers one of whom happens to be … Continue reading

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Vincenzo Cassano, take me to opera ♥️ #kdrama

If you are looking for the next tv show to watch, have you watched K dramas yet? I can’t believe it took me so long but I finally forayed into the genre. And what an introduction! I’ve just spent 3 … Continue reading

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Enjoy Yourself It’s Later Than You Think 💖

I am about 15 years late to the party 🙂 but I finally watched “House”. I am a massive medical show fan but the obnoxiousness of the main character kept me from watching it for a while. I loved the … Continue reading

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To All Nomads Out There

I have installed Ted app on my smartphone. I should have done it long time ago really. Now instead of watching my favourite TV shows (which are on summer break anyway) before going to bed, or in other words passive … Continue reading

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To VPN Or Not To VPN? Surviving Abroad For TV Geeks

I love TV. I used to love movies more, but recently TV shows are so good and it’s easier to cut out 20-40 minutes as a mom to watch a TV show episode rather than a movie. My favourites at … Continue reading

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