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Butoh, the no self dance

Did you know about Butoh? A rebellion in art form, an ego death ritual, embracing “grotesquerie, darkness, and decay”, where a dancer transports into alternative states of being – Butoh (originally “ankoku butō”, “dance of darkness”) is the best way … Continue reading

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Coolest, awesomest thing I’ve watched this month #happiness

Justin Bieber’s song (do not judge me), the cool 2-wheel thingys, fantastic choreography and some cool dancers – a video worth mentioning on this blog. Makes me happy looking at the result!

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Art therapy- the beautiful love story from Cirque Du Soleil

Took my breath away… Cirque du Soleil, Worlds Away. Note: this clip is not in great resolution but you can buy and stream the whole show, it is worth it… 

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