Singing kirtan – Jai Jagadisha Hare by Krishna Das


Om Jaya Jagadeesha Hare, Swaami jaya Jagadeesha hare
Bhakta janana ke sankata, deena janana ke sankata
Kshaana mein dura kare
Om jaya Jagadeesha hare

Jo Dhyaawe phala paawai, dukha vinashey mana kaa
Sukha sampati ghara aawai, kashta mitai tana kaa…

Maata Pitaa tuma mere, sharana gahoon kisa kee
Tuma bina aura na dooja, aasha karoon jisa kee

Tuma poorana paramaatmaa, tuma antarayaamee
Paara Brahma parameshwara, tuma suba ke swami…

Tuma karunaa ke saagara tuma paalana kartaa
Mein sewaka tuma swami, kripaa karo bharataa…

Tuma ho ek agochara, suba ke praana patee
Kisa vidhi miloon dayaamaya, tumako mein kumati…

Deena bandhu dukha hartaa, tuma rakshaka merey
Apney haata utaao, dwaara paraa terey…

Vishaaya vikaara mitaao, paapa haro devaa
Shraddhaa bhakti barhaao, Santana kee sewaa


Hail to the Lord of the Universe, Oh Master, hail …
Who in an instant removes the troubles
of devotees and humble people.

Meditating on you brings these fruits: sorrows of the heart are destroyed,
Happiness and wealth come to the home, and physical sickness is removed.

You are my Mother and Father, from who else can I seek refuge…
Without you, there is no one; I have no other hope.

You are Complete, the Supreme Self, who dwells within,
Beyond Brahma, you are the Supreme Lord, the Master of All.

You are an Ocean of Compassion, the Nourisher. I am the Servant, you are the Master, bestow your grace, Preserver!

You are One, Unseen, Lord of all life.
Oh Merciful One, how can I find you, with a mind so defiled.

Brother of the Helpless, Reliever of Sorrows, You are my Protector.
Raise your hand(in blessing) I am lying at your door.

O Lord, remove my impurities, take away my sins,
Increase my reverence and devotion and service to the Saints

About nomadoftheuniverse

Nomad of the Universe, nobody special, Buddhist, student of Ram Dass. I write about happiness, meaning and spirituality. My book on Love Addiction is out on Amazon now.
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