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“Mere Gurudev” by Krishna Das – beautiful devotional kirtan

Through Ram Dass’s satsang (community) I’ve discovered this beautiful kirtan (devotional song) by Krishna Das. From what I understand, in bhakti yoga (devotional practice) one dedicates themselves to their guru and by practicing devotion finds unconditional love and wisdom. At … Continue reading

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Morning yoga- 10 poses for lazy days

January. Time when we start afresh. Resolutions and all. Many of us- myself included- vow to get back in shape. Not easy. Being one of the laziest people ever when it comes to exercise, any sort of exercise that contains … Continue reading

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Something Big & Beautiful

Today is a bit messed up. Uncertainty is continuing. Decisions required are getting bigger. Costs mounting. And worst of all, my partner in crime – husband, can’t make up his mind about what he wants to do *BIG SIGH* One … Continue reading

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Practice Happiness Like Yoga

I read a lot of stuff (books, articles, blogs, etc) on the so called self development. I started with meaning-of-life material, progressed to self improvement, had a little detour reading the bible, koran and buddhist literature, then onto philosophy, switched … Continue reading

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