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What is making you happy?

There are lots of things that make me happy at the moment. Fall. I used to take it rather unwell – fall used to signify the end of summer, chills to the bone, greyness and death. These days ‘September is … Continue reading

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Surrender… to progress #happiness

I surrender. I am not moving from where I live (blossom where planted, right). I am not going to find yet another job that will no doubt be so much better, and will rather make the one I already have … Continue reading

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Happiness- I commit to supporting and strengthening myself and others

An amazing post from Robin Lee that I reread several times and that I definitely want to bookmark, to return to later. Her ‘mantra’ is spot on and serves as a reminder of impact of self doubt as well as … Continue reading

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How To Overcome The Temptations

I have been working on self development, or self improvement, however you call it, for now almost 15 years, perhaps even more. Over the years I have uncovered a variety of truths – underlying motivations behind my actions, implications of … Continue reading

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Letting Go Gracefully

Thinking back, I worked through a lot of issues over the years. I worked on fears and worries, negative thinking and not living in the present, over reacting and not seeing a big picture, over thinking and inventing parallel realities … Continue reading

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Surround Yourself With Happy, Magical People.. And Be One Yourself

All said really. Just try to be one yourself as much as you can too. One baby step at a time…

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How To Stop Giving A F@&% What People Think

This post is so much more than just its title. The idea of a growth list for example is amazing. I started doing uncomfortable things from today. Plus, every time my brain goes ‘what will people think’, I remind myself … Continue reading

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When You Wake Up Hormonal, Or Cut The BS Please

I woke up hormonal. If all women of the world one day woke up hormonal, there would have been a revolution. Many things would have ceased to exist or change. It’s this state that you try to manage with chocolate … Continue reading

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Always Start With Yourself

I talk about different things that make us happy here, on this blog. Self development or self improvement is a big one. At some point I read almost no fiction, and exclusively on self development. I complimented that with reading … Continue reading

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