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How to start meditating today if you don’t know where to start #happiness

Reclining Buddha. Yuliya Glavnaya  At some point a while ago (it’s been years) I promised a post on what I learned in the introduction to meditation course at the London Buddhist Centre. I then wanted to try out the techniques … Continue reading

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How rich do you feel now? #happiness

I woke up. I exercised. I am finally feeling better after a vicious cold. It’s a long weekend here in the UK. I am listening to an album I found on iTunes yesterday, Soviet Central Asia Music (1930-1950). I found … Continue reading

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Measure how happy you are daily. Then improve your positivity diet

As part of the positive psychology class that I am taking, I learned about this web site created by the happiness researcher Barbara Fredrickson. It allows you to measure your ‘positivity ratio’ daily, track it for 2 weeks and make … Continue reading

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This, too, shall pass #happiness 

I’ve been on a holiday. I was really looking forward to just watching the ocean waves. Ocean. Meditative. Strong. Bigger than me. Perspective giving. Forever listening. Quiet, the mind. Connect me to the universe. Accept me, lost and confused. All … Continue reading

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