How rich do you feel now? #happiness

I woke up. I exercised. I am finally feeling better after a vicious cold. It’s a long weekend here in the UK. I am listening to an album I found on iTunes yesterday, Soviet Central Asia Music (1930-1950). I found this cool list of 10min meditations with instructions. Promise of summer still looks slim – it’s freezing. Yet, everything is perfect, I feel balanced and light inside, and the light is on. Here and now. You know 😊 

I hope I can share this feeling with you even if you woke up in a very different mood / are having an aweful day. Check out meditations above. Alternatively, reflect on this infographic – what are the chances of you being you? Write down 3 things you are grateful for that recently happened in your life. And if you think you are lacking anything, you are not rich enough, think about this quote from Timber Hawkeye. How rich do you feel now? 


About nomadoftheuniverse

Nomad of the Universe, nobody special, Buddhist, student of Ram Dass. I write about happiness, meaning and spirituality. My book on Love Addiction is out on Amazon now.
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