On mudita, joy for others

Source: The Dharma of Recovery, Using Buddhist Practice and Principles to End the Suffering of Addiction

Making time for joy, prioritising it is very important. Life often becomes dull, grey and joyless if we don’t prioritise moments when we do something that excites, expands us, helps us feel alive.

This is self-centred joy. Nothing wrong with it as long as it does not harm anyone or lead to anyone’s suffering. Pure joy is necessary to nurture the soul.

In Buddhism they talk about mudita, the joy for others, appreciative joy. Now this is an interesting one to add to the list. How are you doing with mudita? Have you experienced it lately? Next time you scroll through the social media or hear a friend’s good news, is this something you could remember about and practice and see how it makes you feel?

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Nomad of the Universe, sailing through the unknown, learning to be happy and give happiness back
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