“My soul drifts light upon a sea of trees” — a film about a Zen priest helping depressed, suicidal people.

After losing two friends and an uncle to suicide, Zen priest Ittetsu Nemoto made it his life’s mission to support those struggling with depression and suicidal behavior. My Soul Drifts Light upon a Sea of Trees follows three of the hundreds of people Nemoto has counseled as their lives are transformed by his holistic, community-based approach to suicide prevention.

I’ve found out about this amazing film about this inspirational man through Tricycle Film Club (requires subscription). What a way to serve and bring light to the world! I liked his innovative idea of creating a community made of suicidal people and his “deathbed” exercise. He clearly has a black belt in reflective listening, something that I am trying to master at the moment as part of my support work. And I will use his perspective on depression and suicidal behaviour when supporting too:

People who are in crisis and feel that they want to die… are on the verge of a sudden transformation. They are like caterpillars about to become butterflies.., but because it is painful they try to suppress the pain.., and they often believe something bad is happening. But I think that the self that has taken them through life up till now is in the process of being killed, and a new self, their real self, is being born. Source

The trailer and the Vimeo link where you can rent/ buy this film:



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  1. beth says:

    yes, here’s to a reawakening

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