Purpose is not about ‘what should I do’…

Purpose is not about ‘what should I do’ but rather ‘who am I and how can I act in a manner that is true to myself?’

Mind blown.

We are fulfilling our soul’s purpose just by being here and being who we are.

Source: https://www.annasayce.com/how-to-find-your-calling-as-a-lightworker/

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7 Responses to Purpose is not about ‘what should I do’…

  1. ksbeth says:

    this is so much more authentic. thank you

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  2. “Purpose”… Hmm a difficult one. According to the scientist it is merely to pass on our genes. An acceptance that there is no purpose… Now that is perhaps best….

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    • lolkin says:

      No one knows for sure, Anthony! The nihilistic view is quite common. I prefer a buddhist view which gives purpose purpose, sort of 🙂


      • Sort of… Yes. And of course no soul. But it is certainly my preferred philosophy


      • lolkin says:

        I do definitely believe in soul because I tend to follow buddhist view and I can feel and hear my soul. Becoming one with it is a big next milestone on my spiritual path. But everyone is different and everyone’s paths are different. Your karma, your curriculum may require a different set of beliefs to achieve your karmic goal. Your philosophy is your path.

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