On stillness, slow life and non doing

For the last year I’ve been practicing non doing and living a simple, slow life. A spiritual quarantine of sorts. Monk life. One of my friends has sent me the following meme, which she said reminded her of me. It made me laugh. Translation is below. It is a good reminder that we can always further our stillness and non doing practice. Why? Only in stillness we can hear our soul and see the next steps of our path…

– What are you up to?
– Watching the trees grow.
– Rushing still…

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Nomad of the Universe, nobody special, Buddhist, student of Ram Dass. I write about happiness, meaning and spirituality. My book on Love Addiction is out on Amazon now.
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6 Responses to On stillness, slow life and non doing

  1. It is the right path to be on. Of that I have no doubt whatsoever. I am still learning to recognise and cut out the rushing.

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  2. John Redmon says:

    Hi, Lola. By chance have you seen the film, “Tibet: The Trail of Light”? It’s a very beautiful film, but the wandering Tibetan nun’s continual seeking for the “light” was surprising, given that, well, she IS a Tibetan nun. I’m of the opinion of the monk she meets high in the Himalayas, Pema Drimey, who passed away in 2019 (though there is no death.) As he basically says to her in the film, “Why and what are you seeking for all over the Earth? You should know that all answers are found on the meditation cushion.” I say to people that there is no path, that they ARE the path, so just be. But then there is no you, so, there is no path. This is a description of stillness. As strange as that may sound, its truth is found exactly where Pema Drimey said (and Buddha said), on the cushion, though stilling the mind may take some work.

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    • lolkin says:

      Hey John, thank you for checking out my blog! Great to see you here. I absolutely understand what you say so eloquently! Understand with my mind that is but I do not yet SEE it if you know what I mean? So you are right, the challenge for me is to TRUST the process, be the process (aka path) and in trusting and living from the heart/ soul open up more and more and see more and more. Slowing down, being still, quietening down and trusting is the hardest practice for me. I will continue to quieten down and trust. You sound like you are way further on the journey, I feel blessed to have you advice, thank you!


  3. Thank you, Lola, but I am nothing. Attachment is one of Buddhism’s three poisons. Attaching to thoughts in the mind is the EXACT same thing as attachment to things in life. Buddha’s golden rule speaks to it: “The way is eight fold. There are four truths. All virtue lies in detachment.” Some years ago my deceased mother asked me, “Do we detach from people?” I was stumped for a while back then, but then I reached a point in meditation where the truth revealed itself. Yes, we detach from people. Why? Because there is no separation; we are one. I had a gym friend who was a retired Catholic priest and we occasionally chatted here and there in the gym for several years. On the day the gym was closing for good a few years ago, he came up to me and said I should consider Buddhist monastical work because, he said, I was seeking what Jesus sought in the desert. I asked him what did Jesus seek in the desert, and he stuck up his hand and showed me the number one. And I said, “Exactly!” All of this comes down to understanding attachment and detachment, and that’s found in practice. Your body, granted to you by the universe, is your vehicle for understanding the true nature of your mind and your self. This attachment to the body is necessary to reveal truth. Then, detach from form (the body) and you’ll find your freedom. This is where no birth and no death are revealed. Keep up the good work, Lola!

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