How to find my life’s purpose? #happiness 

My thinking on the subject progressed from reading Viktor Frankl’s book and desperately trying to find that elusive ‘life goal’, from being jealous of geniuses and people who knew their passion, who knew what they wanted to do with their lives, to realising that there was another route for myself in the absence of such knowledge – trying different things that are of interest and seeing what sticks. 

Creating and helping people are said to be the most meaningful ways to spend one’s life, and so it seems indeed. I realised that for people like me – risk averse, scared of rejection and failure, beaten into submission by the system (I grew up in the Soviets), lacking confidence and proper role models – the journey started with teaching myself risk taking, decision making and shipping (hat off to Seth Godin). 

I was honest with myself – I was a drifter and I was too scared to take risks and I never finished anything. I never mastered anything.

Hustle is the key word. You can’t stand still. Like James Clear puts it, the most important thing isn’t to create something world-changing, but simply to create. And so if like me you are lost as to what your life purpose, calling, passion, goal, meaning – whatever you call it – is, you can try the route of trialling lots of little interesting things, getting them to fruition (shipping is essential!), learning about yourself as you go and seeing what sticks. Sounds easy in theory, not so in practice… 

I do not have obvious passions. As I learned, word ‘passion’ originates from the word meaning ‘suffering’. This I am afraid applies to even the littlest of interesting projects, as creation and failure/ pain go hand in hand. So if you are expecting an easy ride, I am afraid your only option is to continue drifting…

Here are some really cool posts which I found useful in exploring this subject further. Any theories of your own or any good advice you have on this subject, please share!

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  1. These look like some interesting links, I am going to have a look, thanks.


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