A Girl And A Camel Laughing Together

girl and laughing camel 2

This photo by Hancheng Li (my source for its origins is Quora however) cheers me up every time – it captures the essence of happiness beautifully – child like, innocent, in the now. I hope it makes you feel happier. High five, Universe, and have a terrific Sunday!

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Nomad of the Universe, nobody special, Buddhist, student of Ram Dass. I write about happiness, meaning and spirituality. My book on Love Addiction is out on Amazon now.
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6 Responses to A Girl And A Camel Laughing Together

  1. pamela says:

    I would like to have a copy of this


    • lolkin says:

      Thanks Pamela! Me too. But so far – as far as I know – no one were able to find out the source of this image or find a high resolution copy. I’d have it as a poster if I could get a better copy of the original!


  2. Kate says:

    When I first saw this photo I was just so so happy and just kept smiling. I just cannot remember the photographer’s website. Oh, I’m just fuming that I didn’t. I have this picture in my datebook and I look at it everyday. She just makes me happy and I just smile. She is absolutely adorable!


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    I love rhis picture and the joy it sends accross .
    Is it possible to purchase it on canvas anywhere?


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