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Seasonal Affective Disorder and how to overcome it #happiness

Life seems so hard in February. It’s freezing outside, mostly grey and windy. You need several layers before you can leave the house. I’ve got this crazy winter flu and everyone in my family too, so it’s like Walking Dead in this … Continue reading

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Fun News- British commuters face a new excuse from a train company

Ahh British train companies and their excuses! This must be the best 🙂 If you want to gloat about how great train service is in your country, or just to have another laugh, laugh away in disbelief here.

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5 Minute Laugh Therapy

If you are like me, so busy that you thought today was Wednesday (or anything but Tuesday), then you are probably already quite burned out. And we are not even through half the week. Not good 😦  To restore your … Continue reading

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A Girl And A Camel Laughing Together

I know there are blogging rules I am supposed to follow. Like blog once a week and on specific day – bla bla *yawn*  I don’t like rules. Hope you don’t mind that sometimes I spam you with several posts … Continue reading

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