How Creating A Wolf (Or Any Other Art) Can Make You Happy

As I decided to finally start doing something about my passions (see my previous post), I have defined 3 areas that I am going to ‘try anything’ in. 20 seconds of ‘insane courage’ is all I need 🙂

One is writing, and I am writing this blog, I am also writing a sci fi film script based on my novel, I am going to try and make money from writing by freelancing on oDesk, Elance and FlexJobs (yep, you can hire me there now 🙂 ). Second passion is making a difference (MAD 🙂 )  or impact. I am thinking about how I pursue that, definitely combining it with my passion for writing. Third one is art. I am not just a writer 🙂  I have a lot of ideas that until now I have found a gazillion excuses not to try and realise. I have many creative friends who I can co-create art with. There are a couple of projects which I will focus my time and energy on in the coming month or two (instead of looking for traditional employment, mad). I’ll keep you posted.

There is a direct link between these 3 and happiness. Writing is therapeutic. Giving and helping makes us feel super good. Art is creating and creating is healing.

Here is a therapeutic product of my last 20 seconds (ok, it took longer) of ’embarassing bravery’ in the art area – I made a cartoon. Wolf by tsunamiwolf. Well, I created a story and directed it. Whereas my super gifted friends, Aigerim Mussina (drawing) and Alexey Kurapov (video editing) did the rest. I really like how it came out.

Above all, I like that I finished it. I am not good at finishing. But that’s another story. I hope you have some art to create, it will make you very happy.

About nomadoftheuniverse

Nomad of the Universe, nobody special, Buddhist, student of Ram Dass. I write about happiness, meaning and spirituality. My book on Love Addiction is out on Amazon now.
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