Wikipedia Of Expat Living In Holland

I’ve spent too much time on the subject of happiness lately 🙂  Now back to Holland, my current place of residence. It’s been raining for 2 weeks, pretty much non stop, so the weather is not too exciting at the moment. I am compensating by watching a lot of, eating wonderful bread, cheese and fish. Oh they are amazing.

I also decided to stop saying ‘the Netherlands’, which is bulky and long and too official, and until proven wrong, will say Holland. I hope it does not offend anyone.

To top you up on info about Holland, have you seen this cool video? I personally think it’s too modest – they have way more cool stuff here. But they probably tried to keep it cool 🙂

IamExpat, one of the many fantastic service centres helping expats relocating to Holland, published an amazing list of expat blogs about Holland, which I am very excited about. It’s like wikipedia of expat living in Holland! Looking forward to great tips!

Can’t see, these two blogs – this one and this one, on the list, I liked them, they are both by Brits in Holland.

Leaving you in this state of information overload. If you’d rather go back to the subject of happiness, watch out for my next post…



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