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Emptiness Survival Kit. Part 3: Fill The Emptiness. Day 19: The Emptiness Meditation.

When you feel the familiar chill of the void opening within you, the deafening vibration of the growing vacuum, the infinite sinkhole of the Big Empty, don’t do what you usually do – run away, fill the emptiness, scratch the … Continue reading

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Emptiness Survival Kit. Part 2: Shed, Empty, Let Go. Day 17: The Void.

Did the void know what it was doing? Did it know itself? Maybe the void didn’t even know what to do with itself and didn’t even like itself. Maybe the nothingness knew only to fill itself with people, and in … Continue reading

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Love addiction – the ultimate post (inspired by @melissabroder)

My book on love addiction is now on Amazon, read for free with Kindle Unlimited or get it here. This article by Melissa Broder and her book ‘Pisces’ were the latest eureka moment in my understanding of love addiction. The dots connected, the … Continue reading

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