Malik Sankara on the science of manifesting

As we are setting “goals” for the new year, the whole process being quite artificial (e.g., why do we do it in January) and one could say futile 😊 the subject of manifestation comes up inevitably. Manifestation for me is not an active process as in no action is required on my part other than taking a step back, asking the Universe to help me align with my soul and life purpose, removing any expectations around an outcome and accepting gratefully whatever manifests.

In the video above Malik warns that what we mean under manifestation is based on a scarcity mindset – we are asking for what we think we don’t have (whereas it’s already there, we just don’t see it). The actual manifesting boils down to “unbecoming” – dropping roles, identities, letting go of ego stuff, emptying – getting out of the way. This is how we get to the spirit and once we are aligned with the spirit, manifesting is effortless. Malik says that ultimately the whole path is about finding ourselves and recommends to ask a more important question – “what is trying to manifest?” 🤯

He talks about the importance of shadow work, in fact its absolute necessity as the next step in our spiritual development. Our path is that of an alchemist – we work to uncover demons that are buried in our unconscious, face them, understand them thus transmuting them into love/ light. “Demons into diamonds.”

“Internalise everything. It is all a reflection of me – the bullshit, the good shit.” Stillness (emptiness) versus duality. Observer versus participant. The spirit, the OG, versus the ego, the avatar.

And if you ever decide that your shadow work is complete, that you’ve made it spiritually, here is the ultimate test question to ask – how is your relationship with your mother/ father/ whoever triggers you the most? More stuff to let go then 😊

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Nomad of the Universe, nobody special, Buddhist, student of Ram Dass. I write about happiness, meaning and spirituality. My book on Love Addiction is out on Amazon now.
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