The Secret To Successful Marriage And Relationship

A bit of an unusual post today. I don’t recommend books a lot. The last couple I’ve been on and on about were Power of Now and Escape Manifesto. But this book is amazing. If you are in a long term relationship, married for more than a couple of years and/or have kids, read on.

Love and sex. Intimacy and desire. There was so much said, debated, researched on these subjects. Yet judging by divorce rates, we are no happier. Mating in Captivity by Esther Perel is a genius new angle on what’s going wrong. The fastest, cheapest and best marital therapy you can find, in my opinion, and your significant other does not need to be involved.

If therapy is not your thing and you are lucky to be living in a marital bliss, then you can read for an interesting take on the state of modern marriage. It’s a very well written, well researched book, the author is a marital therapist with years of multi cultural experience and unusual view on things. I am reading it with interest and as I discovered a couple of life changing insights, I thought I absolutely had to share.

If you have no time to read, you can watch Esther Perel’s equally fascinating TED talk, which is how I was introduced to her ideas in the first place, although book obviously goes a lot deeper. You can also follow her on Twitter, where she shares the latest of her insight.

Hope you find it useful. Be happy!

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