Happy Blossoms

In the village I live people seem to obsess about 3 things – cleanliness, windows decor and flowers. Everyone here has lots of flowers in their gardens. And because their gardens are open (facing the street, no doors), the flowers are for everyone to enjoy (as well as clean front terraces, windows and window decor).

I definitely don’t like cut flowers because I think it’s a waste. We kill a living creature and decorate our house with its body until it decomposes. Nothing romantic or nice about this. Living plants are a different thing, however they also die, before us, and this deterred me from having them for a while (also I am horrible at watering them regularly and so they die even faster 😦 ).

But having lived here for a couple of months – and read about ongoing demise of bees, poor things – I gave in. I accepted the short lived nature of living flowers. I accepted that they will die after a year and I will need to plant new ones. And so I got two. They are now sitting opposite my living room door and cheer me up whenever I look at them. Ah, the power of flowers (or any other live being) to give us happiness!

When I have time and space, I will plant my favourite blossoms – lilacs, acacia, cherry trees, jasmine, tulips, peony, and lots of wildflowers. The aromas that garden will have in spring and early summer!! Stay happy, fellow nomads, and get a living flower, if everything else fails to make you happy 🙂


About lolkin

Nomad of the Universe, sailing through the unknown, learning to be happy and give happiness back
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